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Glacial Peaks Raid boss

It was good!

Curious if anyone managed to make a non-hero team?

Only for the early stages, using the hero is a must for the later stages.


Any good non-Freya teams?

A good boss zapper is pretty essential. Battles will be long and frustrating without her.

Honest answer?
Hero (Mang)
Queen Mab
Queen Mab
Queen Mab

I’m not kidding you. I have no Skadi, I have no Freya. At first I went in with Hero, Mab, Yeti, Winter Wolf, but discovered that the last two really only had the task of “Please be the target of the boss instead of Hero or Mab”. I only had one Mab, so I spend some event keys, got two more, now I have three and things are better.

Strategy is simply to first use hero to get the armor away from the boss and then chip away with Mana Burn while trying to skull yourself through the first three enemies with the hero. Don’t fire Mab before you got the boss’ armor off, obviously, as that would be a waste.

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Use Urskaya Crown.
Summon Xian Mao…



I’m using

Mang (Hunter hero)
Winter Knight
Freya (Legendary)

L200 so far, still winning about 50% though that will drop soon as the one-shotting intensifies…