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Getting a hold of somebody in the game

I have a very good friend that is in my guild but, his English writing is not too good. So I have been helping Dark Pirate (my guildmate) to try to reconnect with Naraina the broken who is in the Die or fight guild… This game has no private message and I believe Naraina the broken dont use Discord. So its almost impossible to get these two good friend reconnected . So I figured I would try in a Forums post. If anybody has an idea how to get dark pirate and naraina the broken to reunite in just a conversation it will be greatly appreciated.

Tell each one, respectively, to chat in an unused channel (pick a random number, like 863 or something, and they’ll likely be the only ones there).

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that would work but , if nariana would go to global to to see dark pirate ask to meet in a certain channel so far neither dark pirate have not seen nariana in any chat

I assumed you the intermediate had access to each. If not, then I’m not sure what you can do, unless you know others in the people’s guilds that might be able to telephone messages :man_shrugging: