Gems Of War Timeline?

Does anyone know the time period of Gems Of War? Is it set in like the 1500s?

What you mean?

It’s a wholly fantasy universe so who knows :slight_smile:

I get you might think the armour or something looks like from that time period, but the game doesn’t take place on Earth.

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Hmmm, is it stated anywhere where it takes place?

Yes, in the game it is referenced and in the official posts. It is a place called “Krystara”.

I think a different kind of earth, something like one of those 3rd earths. Interesting enough, most stories that do well are the ones that really don’t explain much (I know what I just said makes no sense :thinking:).

If you look at a lot of the cult classics of the past they fit this way. Depending if it had sequels or not, they kinda added as they went on.

Nowadays very few stories can make it this way, some explain too much and flop even if it makes sense (again for some reason I feel what I said makes no sense :thinking:) but that’s how most stories go :person_shrugging:

Would be more interesting to ask, if the world does overlap with the one of Puzzle Quest.

There are definitely references to Puzzle Quest in Gems of War :slight_smile:
I started playing Puzzle Quest 1 not long ago and it’s been fun when spotting things I recognise from Gems.


Oh, a late starter. Enjoy the game, it’s still fun today I would say, and still the best one of the series. If you are in for completion and try to unlock all spells and weapon boni, you’ll be busy for a while.
Well, fun, unless you are fighting against Gnolls, still got nightmares about those.

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Yeah, as you can’t compare Krystara to Earth time. It’s probably set in an alternate Earth, or unknown alien planet. So with different course of history and evolution, or even how long a year is, it’s hard to make a connection

In term of story, Gems of War pretty much takes all inspiration from all fantasy genres, minus the futuristic one. So any setting from folktales (pre 1500s - Stormheim), Medieval Knight (1500s.- Sword’s Edge), Romantic era (early 1800s - Ghulvania), Victorian’s steampunk (late 1800s - Adana) etc. Either way, there is a always an vintage aesthetic to it, with the lack of modern technology.

Related question that’s interesting to think about, is how far back is the recorded history of Krystara? With the information from questline and extra lore on this forum, it’s still very unclear, as we only know it goes back thousands of years.

Campaign story pretty much established the current timeline to put the events in order, putting the current history to pretty much in sync with real time. So, beside new kingdoms like Nexus, Hellcrag, and upcoming ones, all quest lines including factions’ happened a few years in the past in close proximity.

But if you consider the founding of each kingdom, then the history is very varied. Nexus might be the newest, as the portal just appeared last year, while Hellcrag is ancient, but lost to time until its recent rediscovery. Adana is pretty new with the most advanced technology in Krystara, while Khetar and Sin of Maraj are a remnant of old civilization, Old Khet and Al-Maraj in this case.

In conclusion, there is no clear answer. It depends on which perspective you want to take, and how much lore you want to use to consider. Lol