Gems of War story


Some history on this world where we fight for glory

A first kingdom located on a small volcanic island in the world

Tell me their story …


and a second one

the plains of centaurs: Divinion Fields

I wait for your history to complete these pictures ( a little history there is little room )

I would like to create a storyboard to the final when all realms will be finished .

if you want to create already the stories of others kingdom feel free to post .

I hope you enjoy it , I 'm not good at storytelling then help me :slight_smile:


Here come the elven woods: Forest of Thorns

And the kingdom of Vampire: Ghulvania

The Dwarves from Khazdorin mountain

The kingdom of bones: Khetar

The country of Wargare: Maugrim Woods

The Satyrs and Spirits land: Pan’s Vale

The Savage Land: Pridelands

The Land of knights: Sword’s Edge

The Land of Faith: Whitehelm

The Land of Goblins: Zaejin

The Land of Darkness: Zhul’Kari


Nice pics! I really enjoyed them, thanks for the visual.


This was really cool! It would be great to see them enhanced with some more of the quest lines that take place also!


And that’s all for the moment, I wait the new troops to complete, or new realms :wink:

See you soon :yum:


Great work. One more reason to wait for a new kingdom :smile:

Pridelands is a bit hard to read though :frowning:


Some lovely work here!

Hey @CrowdedWorlds what do you think? worth some gems?


Change text color for Pridelands , for better readability
thank you for your remarks melkathi :wink:


Thanks! Much better now :slight_smile:


I’m always down for rewarding a big creative effort! Nice one @KAYA43V3R! waves magic Gem wand


Thanks for gems @CrowdedWorlds
I do not do that by winning bait , but by pleasure
I looked forward to the new creature or new realms.
I see the beautiful in the files of the game :slight_smile:


Here comes the land of ancient Gods: Karakoth