Gems of War poetry

We’ve seen some beautiful poetry on live stream today! If you shared anything on Stream that you would like to document permenantly please do post it. We’d also love to hear any new poems you’ve made about the game, too - get writing :memo: :heart:


Play Like Canines (for Tiara, 24/2/2006)

I can hear the waves aspiring
    down at Murrays Bay
Onward thus I’m beckoned on this
    clear and cheery day

Looking at the happy couples
    strolling by the tides
Dogs and prams accompanying
    calm and blissful strides

Lovers play like canines in their
    timeless courtship game
Oh, for us to be together
    doing much the same

Dusk proceeds impatiently as
    everyone departs
Leaving me to dream of ways to
    share our distant hearts

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:heart_eyes: That’s beautiful! :sob:

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Thank you so much! I’m about to post my sonnet wedding vows too, you know, the one I wrote at 3am on our wedding day. :smiley:

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Nothing Short of Love (for our wedding, 21/12/2006)

The heart of every true romantic buff
Is driven by the one sustaining need
To find a deep and everlasting love
—And luckily I’ve found my one indeed

Although we sometimes can’t see eye to eye
I’m still amazed just how alike we are
Most differences are merely by the by
When on ahead we see our future far

So now I swear for all the years to come
Especially when youth has run its due
Unlike the bright but short-lived sparks of some
Our timeless love will long be shining through

For all the reasons I’ve described above
I promise we’ll have nothing short of love

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Oh stop I want to cry but I’m at work :laughing: I shouldn’t be allowed to go to Weddings as I would be a sobbing mess.

If anyone has any cute poems that ship Gems of War characters pre-valentines day I’d be keen to hear them… cough Khorvash and Ysabelle cough