Gems of war on Xbox one


So I recently started playing gems on Xbox one and literally can’t put it down is super addictive and fun, while looking at some forums about the game I was able to find out that the game on mobile devices is on a whole different patch with a bunch new cool features that are not available on the Xbox one as is currently sitting on ver. 1.06 so that being said is there any information in regards when will the console version will catch up to the original? I have put 100$ in the game already and I refuse to start again on my iPhone


Hi Nandrock,
Can you tell us more about the Unique Xbox Armor Sets: Savage, Wild and Bestial.
thanks for you response


I play on Xbox One as well.

  • Savage Armor: +50% Gold, +75% Souls, +25% Exp
  • Wild Armor: +25% Souls, +50% Exp
  • Bestial Armor: +75% Gold, +50% Souls

My question is, will account linking between Xbox One and mobile ever happen? I’d love to take this game on the road, but I’ve already spent a good amount of money on the XB1 version.


Linking to mobile accounts is sadly unlikely as the console versions are handled by a different group altogether, and likely are not capable of keeping up with the updates as smoothly as the mobile/computer versions.

On the plus side, it does sound like the console versions have perks of their own that make them unique even to other platforms.


That makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply. I do hope it takes off on XB1 so they’ll keep releasing updates. I’ve been addicted to it ever since I picked it up a few days ago. Fallout 4, Halo 5 and Call of Duty just sitting on the shelf in favor of a puzzle game, hahaha


I have an xbox one and a PS4. I wanted to play on PS4, but it was released a few days sooner on the xbox one with no est for PS4. So I’ve spent around $100 myself and am stuck on the Xbox one now. With other cross platform games, it seems that the consoles are usually a month or so behind on patches. Examples of this would be Dungeon Defenders etc. Though I miss the original Puzzle Quest (Thought number 2 sucked and was dumbed down too much) this one is decent enough with the automated PvP opponents. Wish there was more to finding items and crafting, along with specialty events. But hopefully that comes all in due time. Sorry for rambling on, drunk and time for bed. Was just reading the forums before crashing after a few hour play session :stuck_out_tongue: