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Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!

No idea tbh - I only just discovered the site a couple days ago and read the introductory post here only yesterday.

I’m very new to GoW, only level 100.

Knowing it’s disabled is more than enough to solve the mystery though, and I certainly wouldn’t expect you to reactivate it on my account.

Thank you for the response!

@Lyya new release, new 500 server error :slight_smile:

Thank you for improved quiz!

But there are no pictures for some new troops (from Second Claw Anhur and newer), and there is no Leonis Tower in the DB.

They changed the asset format for images recently, so unfortunately I can’t get new troop assets without some rework (that I haven’t had time for). Leonis Tower I can probably fix manually.

heya Lyya, thx for all your work.
If you ever find the time, is it possible to add a dark-mode to your site?

Already discussed above, friend.

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Excellent, the thread has already many posts, missed it. Thank you for letting me know, many pages have that option on the main page I didn’t even look at account settings, now I feel silly.

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I keep getting duplicate quizes.
When I complete it a couple of times and hit ‘take another quiz’ it gives the same one again.

Can’t see it in the troops table though.