Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


Okay, thanks – sounds like it’s best to leave it as-is then. I might add a quick checkbox for people instead of requiring you to type “>0” in the count field.


Hey Lyya, what’s the best option for a player having issues with linking an account? Post here first, DM?


Whatever you’re comfortable with. I’ll need the invite code or GoWDB user name to troubleshoot. A screenie might be helpful too, but isn’t required.


I’ll have her contact you, thanks. Your work is greatly appreciated. An amazing resource for us.


Hi Lyya my name is Cass and im having some issues. I could really use your help please


Can we* have hoard levels also shown in a column on the underworld renown leaderboard?

*And should we?


Resolved the issue with @Hurricansmommy offline.


i am always pro more data. it gives more detail on how efficient a player is at getting renown, but doesn’t really effect the rankings in any way…


More data = better. Lets go with that, yeah.


I just came here to make the same suggestion that @Shimrra already made.

This would be immensely helpful to know.
I’m not trying to call anyone out… But everyone that sees the LB wants to know what the current #1 did in terms of Hoard level.


This should be possible. I will work on it tonight.


You’re amazing! And thank you for adding faction pets to the LB.
Now that I know about this thread I know the proper way to make suggestions. :grinning:


I mean I take suggestions from anywhere I’m @-tagged! But this is a good place to put them because it sort of provides history.


Do you have any way to check if someone gets banned and remove them from the leaderboard?


Fun fact I recently learned… When a player gets banned their invite code changes to _banned at the end.
I’m guessing that automatically removes them.


That’s a really good find! I should be able to purge banned players from my leaderboards that way. Currently I only update when a player logs in, and of course a banned player can no longer retrieve their profile so they don’t log in properly. Thanks for the tip!


Keeps thoughts to self. Is aware of thin ice with the devs :rofl::grinning:


I’ve updated the renown leaderboard with the extra columns @Shimrra and @awryan requested. (PS, Xbox)

I’ve also removed all banned players from all leaderboards.


Something is wrong.
My real stats:

and on gowdb:

Also, I noticed that no one has hoard level bigger than 127. Maybe a too small type of variable ?:wink:


Ahaha, yes. Good catch.

I’ll fix it tonight but results won’t be reflected until tomorrow.