Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


New(?) idea:

Can the top rows in the database tables be frozen to the top of the screen like one can do in excel?


Hi @Lyya!

Thank you very much for your site! He is great and I use him very often.

Did you notice that a lot of troops released this year disappear from the site? Probably it is the same issue as displaying troops that are already in the game


I will investigate. Thanks for the heads-up.


I see what happened, but it might take me a while to correct this.


I think I’ve restored everything. Please let me know if you see anything missing.

Sorry for the trouble!


hi, I don’t see the new Doom of Ice


I’ve added the six Dooms, thanks.


Hmmm, they are ingame - only the blue one is obtainable yet.
So My Collection tells me i could raise Dhrak-Zum to 6 but this is not possible until the brown Doom Events starts, i think.


@Lyya… Would you consider to upgrade your class summary page to include the talent tree as well rather than clicking through to a class detail? At the moment it is showing perks that are no longer applicable I suppose.