Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


New(?) idea:

Can the top rows in the database tables be frozen to the top of the screen like one can do in excel?


Hi @Lyya!

Thank you very much for your site! He is great and I use him very often.

Did you notice that a lot of troops released this year disappear from the site? Probably it is the same issue as displaying troops that are already in the game


I will investigate. Thanks for the heads-up.


I see what happened, but it might take me a while to correct this.


I think I’ve restored everything. Please let me know if you see anything missing.

Sorry for the trouble!


hi, I don’t see the new Doom of Ice


I’ve added the six Dooms, thanks.


Hmmm, they are ingame - only the blue one is obtainable yet.
So My Collection tells me i could raise Dhrak-Zum to 6 but this is not possible until the brown Doom Events starts, i think.


@Lyya… Would you consider to upgrade your class summary page to include the talent tree as well rather than clicking through to a class detail? At the moment it is showing perks that are no longer applicable I suppose.


maybe the Ascensione Leaderboard has some problems?


seams like all leaderboards are wrong atm


Are you sure? Because this 200K renown seems totally legit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Every time you refresh that leaderboard your total renown on gowdb increments by your real total renown. My real total renown is 9820, after the first visit to that page it was shown as 19640, after refresh page - 29460 :smile:


Well, I must have screwed something up yesterday…I’ll see what went wrong and fix it today.


I think I’ve got it sorted out. Sorry about that. Please let me know if you still see inaccuracies (especially inflated numbers).



You dont have Irongut listed, but have Phoenicia listed instead.


Fixed. Sorry about that.


Quick poll: should I remove zero-count troops from shared collections (I.e, any collection that isn’t yours and that was linked to you by another user)? I feel it would eliminate a step in the “please help me with my collection” queries, but at the potential cost of not being able to easily see that someone doesn’t have something. Thoughts?

  • Keep showing unobtained troops in shared collections
  • Stop showing unontained troops in shared collections

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a common use case for our guild is to use GoWDB shared collections for recruiting or moving players to a higher GW bracket. so when we look at the list first thing is to sort the unowned Mythics to see what critical troops might be missing.


A common question I get asked is what mythic should I craft next? Helps a lot not to guess what they’re missing.

A filter option to temporarily hide unowned troops would be handy though.