Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


I’m fine with whatever Lyya decides to do with her site, but I still find it strange that when a list is made of troops not all troops are involved.

Even if the devs are stupid, what can we do about it? And even if we players can in some cases affect the game, I think this is not one of those cases.

I have ascended treasures, since they are troops and I collect troops. I can still use my surplus treasures. And I don’t want to discuss this more here. Just wanted to say that if dev’s would remove these from being troops they’d need to refund a lot. So I think there is no need to be a rebel and try to change how the game works in this case. These are troops, period.

But I know this is not the right topic for this discussion and I can keep on ascending my treasures with or without


I just went to see how many invades I had with a specific weapon and found that … well, “missing” only counts if its supposed to be there. Anyway its not there.

Would that be insanely hard to do? No big deal if it is, but I imagine others are curious too.


Sorry — can you rephrase this request? I’m not sure I understand you.

If you’re asking for me to add the invade counts for weapons, unfortunately the game doesn’t provide this information in the query I use. I can dig around to see if it’s hiding elsewhere; if it is, I can add it.


You got it right. If its a pain then its no big deal. Probably just a ton of Divine Protector and Mountain Crusher anyway lol.


It’s not really a pain if the information is present. Unfortunately, if it is not, there’s really no way for me to surface it :frowning:


Ah well. Either its there or its not.


Hello @Lyya, I love your site but there is one thing that I would ask of you if its not to much trouble.
Every day when I goto do my daily tasks and they require that I do explores for whatever reason I check your site to figure out which arcane I need the most (have the fewest of). Typically its between 3 different kingdoms but I have been surprised before but only after looking at each of the kingdoms in turn to determine which I need the most of.

Would it be possible to make the arcane traitstone type that you have the fewest of show in a different color or a different sized font or flash or something so lazy people like myself do not have to go through the list of them all?

Image for reference:

Regardless if you do this or not, you are a treasure to every GoW player and I am sure your efforts are also lauded by the Devs and publisher. Thank you so much for all you do @Lyya!!


I’ll look at options here; I feel this page is overwhelming with data and I’d like to find a way to give you what you need without adding more visual complexity to the view. Thanks for the suggestion though, I agree it would be nice to have this!

#371 has been updated to show the top 1000 guilds on each platform (and will track all three platforms now: Xbox, PS).


I like it! :grinning:
Can you also show there how many members a guild has?
Or do you even have more data / other interesting information than we see ingame?


I might be able to suss out some more info. What else would you want to see?


@Lyya, would it be possible to find stats for how many wins with each class? This info used to be in game but was removed an update or two ago. If it’s still there somewhere I would LOVE to be able to keep track.


Yes, it’s still present in the data. I could maybe throw that in the “Invades” column for the class, though strictly speaking it’s not just Invades…


That would be awesome. I liked being able to track wins per day/week etc before they took that info out for some reason.


I. E. Guild War Bracket/Place and Last Score there would be nice, age of the guild, average member Level, average days of all members in the guild, Trophies earned last 7 and 30 Days…
Which guild data is available for you by your api?


@Lyya… it will be great if the tool is able to list down the Talent Trees details in a page. Then we are able to theory craft our heroes


Talent trees are available on every class page. What is the scenario you are attempting to address?


This is the scenario. For a new class like Frost Mage, I tried to get the new combination of the Talent Trees to see how I would want to develop that class. Unfortunately the only way to do that at the moment is to go through different classes to get the specific Talent Tree and piece it together manually.

Maybe another approach is just to have a page of Talent Trees plus it’s abilities at each level.


Thanks Lyya. I’ve got the kingdomName pulling through fine now :smiley:

Right now my project’s just a spreadsheet which calculates the maximum potential level for each kingdom and gives me enough summary information to let me decide which ones to prioritise based on how easy they are to level up. I think I saw something similar on your site.

I had been manually scraping the data so the API links make it much more useful. I may even mock up a website when I get some spare time.

Thanks again


@Lyya is there a way to track how many wins you have, including all types of battles, so that one can find their gnome/vault key drop rates more accurately?
The info used to be available in hero class page but they removed it. The closest method now is to use a non maxed talent hero on your team and calculate it based on the xp, but its quite inconvenient