Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


Should be fixed. Sorry for the break.


Argh, I sound like a petulant child-- it’s back. But I don’t see the faction troops.

Honestly, thank you for all the hard work. I would have given up on this game long ago if I didn’t have a database to play with offline.


Yeah, faction troops are technically “unreleased” insofar as they aren’t visible in the troop list if you don’t own them. That seems to be the “new normal” so I’ll need to find a way to force them to show in the DB. Ugh. I’ll find a way to make this happen today.


Okay, found a workaround. All currently-available Delve troops should be present now in the DB.


Thanks Lyya!

My list of troops, classes and weapons are back.


  1. I’m not seeing the Traitstones totals/numbers list loaded on the right had side.

  2. I cannot ‘save’ any weapons I click on with the checkmark. I had that error before a few days ago. It doesn’t matter whether I click on the ‘heart’ icon to sort them, or if they are spread out/unsorted. The same error happens.
    I wonder if it’s because there are far more things to load now (weapons, pets etc.) than before…?

Oh, and my account is PS4 Pro console, if that matters.




Thanks for looking into this and having such a great site!


Hm, I am not sure what’s happening here, but I’ll follow up in PM.


The traitstone requirements for Sacred Treasure aren’t showing up, just FYI


I don’t have this troop – what are the requirements supposed to be? The usual mechanism for how traits are given for troops doesn’t seem to apply to Vault treasures, so I need a breadcrumb.


I’m not sure, I don’t have it yet either.


Minor note that doesn’t really deserve a new topic, but I’ve changed the troop/weapon/class/pet cards on my site so that clicking the ID number now will copy to your clipboard something that can be pasted into the Discourse forum as markdown that will link to that troop/weapon/class/pet. So for example, clicking this:


Will copy to your clipboard text that when pasted into a post on these forums will result in:

Arachnaean Weaver

Hopefully that makes it easier for you to link to something if needed in a post.



I can’t seem to find Soul Gnome on the list in my collection?


Hi Lyya

I’m loving your API - thank you for all of the hard work - but I can’t seem to find the right endpoint or switch to display kingdomName alongside each weapon in your API:

Is the info held somewhere else or is it just not exposed via the API?

Also, is there an endpoint for a list of Pets?

Many Thanks


It’s just not exposed, because when I made the API, weapons did not have kingdoms. I can add it if you like.

Similarly, there is no pet endpoint, but I can also add this (though it might take a little more time).


Soul Gnome was missing, thanks for the heads up.


It’d be great if you could add in the weapons’ kingdoms when you get a chance. I can live without the pets :smiley:

Thanks again


In old version you could sort by amount of souls needed to max upgrade a troop. That was great since it automatically ordered missing troop copies with rarity. So in one look I could see how what legendary troops do I miss copies for ascension, what epics am I missing etc…

Also will the underworld treasure troops be added?

Thanks for this great site once again. <3


I can look into ordering this column more sanely, it’s just sort of tricky because how you order this data depends on what is most important to a given person. I needed to squish together a few columns and this was the compromise…but I’ll see what I can do.

Treasures were present for a while, but they caused more problems than they solved (interfering with leaderboards for instance) and most people don’t track these as “collectible” items anyway. They’ve been removed and I have no plan to add them back. (Why the devs decided to implement treasures this way is beyond my comprehension; they feel like giant, square pegs just trying to squeeze into that round hole somehow…)


I’ve added “kingdomId” and “kingdomName” fields to weapons in the API. I’ll see what I can do about getting you pets too.

(Out of curosity, what’s your project?)


No, no, no!

They are troops!




I’m glad you removed treasures. It makes no sense to count them as troops in a leaderboard or anywhere else for that matter.