Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


I might suggest just removing the kingdom option from the sidebar. Maybe someone else can think of a reasonable way to do that (assuming the data required is even accessible), but I can’t.

Recent changes to the game are severely impacting the approach to collecting. GOWDB was a near-perfect tool for the game as of a couple updates ago, but now people are going to want pages for pets and weapons too. Next update, who knows what else will change that will beg further massive updates to the DB. @Lyya, I love your database and have used it religiously for many months now but, especially since you are not even really playing the game anymore, I think you should feel free to walk away from this at any time. If it is still fun for you, then by all means carry on, but you have done more than enough.


I will remove the misleading information, yes — good idea.

Honestly I play the game so casually now that I don’t even know what information people want to have made available for pets and weapons and classes. I can add things, sure, but my confidence in my ability to actually address problems or useful requests stopped at about the Guild Wars revamp time.

If the community is looking for specific things, feel free to suggest features here and :heart: those you agree with. I do want to help.


Speaking for myself, I’d probably want “My collection” split into 3 screens: the existing one for troops plus one for pets ( # owned, level & level cap) and a third for weapons (owned or not, upgrades, ingots required?). Maybe a side-pane on each showing pet food and ingots respectively, with the troops side-pane showing just traitstones and orbs (removing the kingdom stuff).

I’m not sure what to suggest in terms of the classes since I’ve only played for a couple hours since the update and haven’t taken the time to really understand all the ins and outs yet. Perhaps a 4th page for that so you could show champion level and experience without cluttering up the troop list with stuff that isn’t applicable? Sidepane including traitstones and orbs would make sense on this one again.

Outside of “my collection”, if there was some way to represent the talent trees for the classes, that would also be quite helpful.


I would also love what Stan’s asking for, definitely including a side pane for needed ingots (and pet food’s a good idea for the pets screen).

A summary of champion levels for each hero class and total needed experience for each class to maximum would be great too.


For now I’ve removed the Kingdom progress bars, as they don’t appear to be meaningful anymore. I don’t have a good way to track progress on Kingdom leveling anymore, and I don’t think I’ll be able to come up with anything that can be used to forecast unlock progress, which means that portion of what the Collections page did is probably forever lost. Change, y’know?

I’ll see what I can do to get a pet page up, and to augment my weapons page to show unlockables.


Since you are able to track kingdom progress, as well as each individual troop status, I assume you would also be able to track weapons and if upgraded or not.

If so, would you be able to track * progress knowing what each of the tasks are for each * per kingdom? They are all the same, just change kingdom name really.


Showing unlockables on the weapons will be really nice. Might make it easier to figure out “budgets” for upgrading weapons that are actually useful.

Or maybe we should just be making a list, I bet its like… five or ten long lol.


Is it maybe possible to create a List like this?



Hi @Lyya

I have problem for link account (Steam / Android) :

" Operation failed. Please correct the following errors and try again.

  • No Hero with that invite code or Traitstone total was found. Please verify the platform you are linking and try again."


My hero and my traitstone are ok, I checked three times.


I’ve just become aware of this issue. IP2 has changed something in their code that seems to be preventing me from retrieving player traitstone totals. If this is intended then My Collection is broken indefinitely until I can find a resolution. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Oh ok :frowning: Thank you Lyya.


I’ve contacted them and am waiting for a reply, but since they’re all asleep now it’ll probably be a while before I hear anything. I’ll let you know what I find out as soon as I do.


Hi Lyya, I just wanted to let you know that on GowDB page it is not possible to reset password (mail doesnt go through).

I sent you an email from my gmail acc, maybe it is in spam?

It’s not only my issue, but others also seem to have this problem.

Best Regards,


Hi Lyya,

awesome work, thank you! Do you have a public REST API that I could query for troop data? I could just request and crawl your page but this will produce much overhead traffic and I’d prefer getting the data in JSON if you’re cool with that.


Hello, for much of the data you can hit my REST API (not documented, but relatively straightforward to parse). Details and endpoint examples are buried in this thread:



GoWDB has been updated with data from the 4.0 release. Please contact me with any inaccurate information or broken pages.

The new factions (which are actually just a new type of kingdom) are up, including their storylines, but there’s some bugs there involving tribute and leveling since these kingdoms can’t be leveled. I’ll address soon.



Done on the same day of the release within hours. This excellent labor of love must really eat into your woohoo new patch fun time.

Thank you for working so hard on it!


I’m getting errors on my collection. I’m on Xbox which may be part of it. When I go to my collection page, the database info is blank and on the header I see " K-DOGG

Level {{globals.level}} Hero ({{getKingdom(globals.homeKingdomId).name}})

Currently undefeated in {{globals.winStreak}} battles."


Hi Lyya,

I’m receiving the same errors as the above poster. I also don’t have any troops, traitstones or anything showing – basically a blank listing.

I’d cleared my browser cache, cookies for the site and restarted.

Screenshot below:


Yep, something broke overnight. I’ll take a look.