Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


What would the chances be, of adding in another sort column, for the collection page, so we can sort by troop types.

Was wondering, as it would help people organise for Invasions a bit easier.


Oh, I wrote my request in a separate topic: GoW database: hyperlinks to summoned troops . Could you please make hyperlinks for summoned troops?


I can do that. I’d have to see what that does to the layout, but if it provides general benefit then it’d be worth it.


I like the idea in theory, the execution is a bit tricky. I’ll look into adding hyperlinks for these related troops.


Like everything in programming. Theory is great, execution is a pain


Are Vault troops not showing?


Sorry, not being guilded means I don’t have firsthand experience with much of the newer content. Are there more than just the three (Cedric, Treasure Gnome, Valraven)?


No, only these 3 from what I know.


Okay, thanks. Where are they not showing for you? I see them in the Kingdom list, the Troops list, as well as My Collection.


Sorry, my fault.
I was filtering by True Kingdoms and not by All Kingdoms


Hello there! Great database, been using it to fine-tune kingdom leveling. As in, investing the minimum amount of souls / traitstones to get to the next power level.

Speaking of which, are you planning on making database with regards to traitstones? For instance, I’m trying to level up Bright Forest. I can’t invest any more souls (stupid ascension cap), so I’ve decided to dip into the traitstone stash of Runics and Arcanes. Traiting the lowest base rarity troops first, I find myself about to use an Arcane Deep Traitstone. Then I looked up your database.

Long story short: No database for traitstones. What I’m looking for is a searchable table (Runics / Arcanes / Celestials only) where, if i click on it (say Arcane Deep Traitstone), the database tells me what other troops use this traitstone. If I could save it for a troop that I actually use, rather that use it to bump up another, I want to do that.

I guess this just turns out to be a feature request; if gowdb already does that, then sorry for asking :smiley:


Hmm, something like this?
It lists all arcane traitstones and shows which troops use it.

Also, if you go to your collection at (assuming you have connected your account to gowdb - if you haven’t, I would recommend it), you can see a list of troops in your collection that still need a given traitstone. Just click on “Checklist” to bring up the list of traitstones in your collection and then click on any of the traitstones.


That’s exactly it! Thanks :smiley: I guess I didn’t dig around enough in Very helpful as a complement to the game’s troop sorting and filtering features.


@Lyya, any plans to add a pets collection section? I already use the troops database daily.


Eventually, yes – I’ve just been busy with other things lately and haven’t had much time to dedicate to my site, sorry. It’s due for some upgrades, too…


Hi Lyya, I’ve sent you a pm around my ascension ‘troops owned’ data, reflecting incorrectly. It’s still reflecting 488 after they took Zuul’Goth away :slight_smile:


Minor issue: Pet Gnome is not appearing in the troop list.


You might be working on this already, @Lyya, but if not, can we pretty please have a collection page showing weapon upgrades and ingots required? :slight_smile: :crossed_swords:


I’m not, but yes I can add this. It might take a bit, so your patience is appreciated.


The rewards are so good, the patience is not hard to find. :slight_smile:

I’d like to have a good suggestion for how you could update the Collections sidebar for the new star-earning system too, but one has not yet been forthcoming.