Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


Yeah, I’m not sure what’s up with the last-modified detection but it’s definitely picking up false positives somewhere. I’ll clean it up for now and look into what’s causing the errant behavior sometime this weekend.


@Lyya, Mongo can be added to the console database. There was no formal announcement but he has been added as a mailbox bonus with patch 2.2. This post is the best confirmation I have as @Stan hasn’t updated the console troop thread yet : CONSOLE: 2.2 Patch Notes


I’m on it. It sounds like there may have been some other troops dropped into chests and I’ll update the list as we get confirmed reports, or better yet, confirmation from a dev.


My site is down for emergency maintenance. The MySQL backend is being serviced. A rough ETA on a fix is 1-2 hours from now. I am mobile right now so I can’t put a redirect/parking page up, so please inform others who may be asking in over channels.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Never mind, seems like it’s back online. Let’s hope it stays that way!


Thanks, Lyya, for all the unpaid work you do for this game. The resources you provide are invaluable.


My site appears to be down. I’ve contacted my host and will hopefully have a resolution by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.


And it’s back.


I am going overseas on vacation for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow until 7 August. The Gems of War Database may be slow to update during that time.


@Lyya I hope your having a nice time on vacation. When you get back there is a minor error in your Events section: troops are showing +25% to all Skills, instead of the new +10%.

Thanks again for making such a great database!


Thanks for the report. Took me a bit to see where the 10% text was coming from, but it should now be correct for all languages.


I’ve fixed a bunch of small issues with the tables on my site today.

  1. Default sort is more sensible for most numeric fields now (descending order where appropriate). No more annoying “click the column twice to see it in the view I care about.”
  2. Reverse sorts will now only apply on the second time a column is clicked in a row; previously, the tables would remember the sort direction for each column and would apply the reverse sort if you ever returned to that column later, which was really annoying.
  3. The alternating zebra-stripes on the grid rows will now change colors (light to dark) whenever the value of the sort column substantially changes. This makes it easier to view a sorted table as a group. Example (note the colors change as guild names change, given the current sort by guild):

Hopefully these make the tables a bit easier to use.


Added “Release Date” column to the troop table, hidden by default.


Very nice! Any chance a version column could be added too to indicate the version of release for each troop?


As in, the version number of the game at the time of the troop’s release?


Yes, that. :smiley:


It’s easy enough to add that, if it provides value to people.


Added the game version as best as I can tell to the existing troops. In the future, new troops will automagically get their versions set, this batch was hand-edited. I wasn’t playing at the very very beginning (started in 1.0.4) so I don’t know what the first public release was – 1.0? – or when exactly 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 dropped. If anyone knows this exactly, I can update the version info for the oldest troops.


The GoW Database has been updated to reflect the 3.1 changes.

Please note that Dungeon Boss troops will not be visible in the troop lists until I have a means of separating them from obtainable troops in My Collection and the Leaderboards.


Boss troops now have their own separate page,