Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


That’s right, I tried to get smart about stone sorting and follow the in-game sorting rules (which is how they’re sorted in the Hero Collection tab). In the absence of feedback, it’s hard to know which is more appropriate for site users, so I just make educated guesses at most of the site design. Sometimes I miss the mark… I’m happy to change the sort for that column to be alphabetical if people think it’d be better that way.


Thanks for your quick response. Since I took a look at it closer I understood the system. It still doesn’t mean anything to me though. Naturally I’d love to have it alphabetically (since there already is a button for color, not exactly the same I know). Let’s see what other people have to say. Hopefully we get some voices from new:ish players as well.


I can imagine use cases for matching the game but personally I’d prefer alphabetical.


When I ran a poll for a similar list, before @Lyya’s awesome website superseded it, there was a strong consensus for sorting by GoW order:

The sorting order is consistent throughout the game, and mana is credited within the game in this order when there are multiple matches (Blue first, then Green etc.)

So, while I acknowledge that this might be non-intuitive for newer players, I would argue that the solution is for newer players to learn the GoW order, rather than Lyya change her website.


Thanks for the bug report, @Shimrra. It should be fixed now.


Looks to be, just tested. Nice!


After a few months of lying fallow:

Gems of War Quiz!

You’re the Hero of a war-torn world in chaos. You’ve faced every challenge you’ve been given and emerged victorious — and learned a thing or two along the way. But how well do you really know the myriad denizens of Krystara? Take a 20-question quiz to test your knowledge!


I didn’t get 20/20 so I must not be addicted to GoW, right?


This is awesome.

I got 19/20 because I had a momentary brain lapse when it came to Tassarion. Wonderful feature though!

Edit: Second quiz, I got 19/20 again because I didn’t remember Blackhawk’s kingdom bonus :<

I need to get better at this


I have to say this is one amazing site. I can’t imagine the hours you put into everything! Much impressed Lyya.


Rearranged the kingdoms page ( to be more visually appealing, and added kingdom shields to the page.

Created per-kingdom pages and moved the quests into the per-kingdom pages; contains the kingdom details and quests for that one kingdom.

Added a quiz question requiring you to identify a kingdom by shield.


Just to flag that @lyya has updated the table after some requests / questions / nagging from yours truly:

Damage values of > 999 are now flagged as “kills” instead of “damages.“
Anything targeting all enemies now has " (all)” appended to the spell component.
Anything targeting an ally now has " (ally)” appended to the spell component.
Anything targeting all allies now has " (all allies)" appended to the spell component.
Negative status effects that target the caster now have " (self)" appended to the spell component.
Added a column, hidden by default, that contains the “Spell Bonus,” or type/condition that causes the spell to become more effective. For example, “Red target,” or “Goblin,” or “Kill” (for those spells that do extra effects when they manage to kill something).

…so even more great info and ease of hunting…

I’d not spent long on the site before, but doing so now, it’s an amazing bit of work…

@Sirrian @Nimhain can the main GoW site not reference this site rather than the current (or rather, not-current, very old and out-of-date) troops list and other stuff? Or are there EULA and similar copyright issues…?


Excellent improvements! Thank you Lyya (and Jainus for instigating).


I’ve migrated my site’s backend tech to something better and faster in an effort to speed up the page load times, which have recently started to really grind to a crawl. If I did it right, the change should be mostly unnoticeable aside from better load times, but as always, if you see something that’s either factually incorrect or otherwise broken, please let me know.


i have a request, @Lyya

please add to the home page a search window for Troops (not table)
i think thats the feature most commonly needed and id love to have one click-load less of waiting to get there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Added. There’s now a dropdown on that forwards the filter to I’ve also added an autocomplete dropdown that contains the names of all troops, to hopefully make the input process easier (doesn’t seem to be respected by iPhone, but works on PC browsers).

Let me know if this meets your needs!


love it! thanks


I assume the Summoner power should say:

Give all Allies 4 Life. Summon a level [Magic] Ghoul.

It’s partly blank right now.
Not to nitpick, the site is amazing.


Thanks for the report, was a regression I missed. Should be corrected now.


Hi @lyya - couldn’t find the right thread to post this in…

On the events part of your site’s front page, the troops aren’t quite in the right order and the dates aren’t lining up properly…

For example:

  • Pharos-Ra is the most recent troop, on 6/1/17
  • Void Portal and Dark Troll on 1/1/17
  • Ice Golem was posted out to everyone also on 25/12/16 (I think)
  • Urska Wanderer and Snowy Owl should be together on 25/12/16
  • Snow Guardian and Frostling should be together on 18/12/16

Also the images aren’t spacing evenly… which would bug me… :smiley: