Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


Google says that is french for War


Okay Thanks. :slight_smile:



I’ve fixed Winter Wolf. It should properly be listing Spirit stones now.


A stupid little note:

Someone just informed me that I’ve apparently been “found” by Google. If you search for a troop by name, odds are that links to the Gems of War Database will show up. If not, then searching for that troop plus “troop” will almost always put my site in the top three. So basically if you don’t want to follow links or hate my syntax for them, you can just Google:

glade warden troop
the great maw troop


Troop table now will update the page URL as you filter and sort, and should now save that filter and sort if you navigate forward and back to it.


Some small updates:

  • Made the mobile filtering process a bit less clunky. Added a proper (hidden) submit button to replace the “Enter” key the soft keyboard would otherwise show.
  • Made the desktop filtering process a bit less clunky, too. Now, if you type anything on the page when nothing has focus, the filter text block will take the key press. That allows you to filter, browse, and filter again without having to click the input box.
  • Re-enabled the Team Builder suggestions list for small screens. To get it, you click the heart icon in the bottom slot.


Added a CSS responsive menu to the site that replaces the jump links in the body of each page. On a desktop browser, this puts a menu strip above the top, like so:

On small-screen devices, it collapses like so:

And opens like so:

I’ve also added a Google-powered search box in the corner, which is kind of redundant, so I’m not sure it’ll stick around. Let me know if you like it or hate it.


Thank you so much Lyya for everything you do with the database. It is easily the most helpful asset ever created for Gems of War.


For whatever reason, this is looking pretty good on my phone, but in Chrome on my work computer, not so much. Once I’m down to the troops, it is fine, but the menu at the top is listing all of the options in text in a vertical list, then at the bottom the Google search bar takes up the entire width of my screen.

I’ll PM you a couple screenshots.


Weird. I test mostly on Chrome. Have you F5’d to make sure you’re not seeing a stale CSS file?


Yes, but now that you TOLD me to do it, it works. WTF?

Thanks, though. Also, what is the process for getting new console releases updated? Bunni’nog isn’t showing up on the troop list.


The process is – bug @TaliaParks. :slight_smile:




Added Bunni’Nog, my bad


I’m finding Mythics don’t do colors very well…


It only picks up the first two colours that are listed…None go purple/blue


Interesting. I’ll take a look tonight.



@Lyya I truly can’t give you enough praise for the work put in here. Ashtender is literally the ONLY reference I use regularly, though I peruse forums here and there. Most specifically, sorting by colors to find out who I can upgrade with the current Arcanes in the chest, and what kingdoms drop them… perfection. I use them so often!! Thank you so much for all that you do for this community, you are super awesome.



Love the site. Saw one thing that might be a feature, but doesn’t work the way I thought it would.

Expected: Sort alphabetically
Result: Sort via color
Problem: I guess you could argue that color is better. Even so, when you look at the invidivual colors it’s still not alphabetical. Looking closer I see there’s a system, which might make sense if you’ve played the game for a long time, but not for me (and I suspect many others). The secondary color for every Traitstone seem to be sorted via Brown -> Purple -> Yellow -> Red -> Green -> Blue.

Thanks again for all your hard work. I’m curious about what you’ll respond :slight_smile:.