Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


Added battle summaries and links to team information for all quests in the quest pages. For example, on the Glacial Peaks quest page (at the page now has (among others) the following objectives:

Stand accused!
Valkyrie: They violated the Temple!
The Court Assembles: Winter Wolf, Jackelope, Valkyrie, Yeti

Face trial!
Winter Knight: We must put them to death!
The Court Decides: Winter Knight, Valkyrie, Frost Giant, Frost Giant

Defend yourself!
Ice Witch: And pull out their eyes and tongues to be certain!
Judge and Fairy: Winter Imp, Winter Wolf, Snow Sprite, Ice Witch


Added Console views to every page in the Database. These views restrict troops, weapons, classes, and kingdoms to those present on Console. The landing page is here: (Note the final slash is unfortunately needed!)

The troops list is:

The troop table is:


Please note that while this restricts the view to content released for Console, it does not change any of the troop/weapon statistics to match those of the Console in case they differ from the PC’s version. Keep that in mind while team building.

Big thanks to @TaliaParks for seeding the database with “is-available” flags for each troop, weapon, class, and kingdom. Going forward, he’s going to maintain the Console collection as new troops are made available each week.

The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread Part 1 (Closed)

Thank you for everything that you do with the database. I use it at least once a week to check things. :slight_smile:


Same here.

I bookmark 2 things for GoW, the Forums and the Database


Updated the list to include Blighted Lands Troops to the Console filter


@Lyya Thank you so much for doing this! As a console player, we can sometimes feel a little ‘second class’ and it is nice to get some user-generated content tailored for us.


Added a console dropdown in the upper right corner for every page, which works like the language dropdown:


I love all the work you have done making and updating the resource you made.


That is a perfect solution. Thanks for doing that, and to @Robert who I think had the idea.


It wasn’t his idea. But yes, The solution is perfect :grinning:.

PS: I’m 2 for 2 recently Sirrian also used the botting guild cheater “solution” / penalty as well.

Time to reset my dislocated shoulder after patting myself on the back.

Edit: Throwing around ideas is the easy part, doing the coding is the real deal.


My bad. Credit to you, then!


Added a tabular view of weapons, in the same vein as the troop table. Not sure it’s as useful, because the number of columns around which to pivot are considerably fewer, but it was easy to add so why the hell not.


@Stan you were correct the first time…



Added history to the Gems of War Database! It’s now possible to go back in time to look up a troop pre-changes to do comparisons (or to do it wholesale over the entire table). The UI affordance is a timer in the corner of the screen, like so:

I’ve thrown up the 6/17 World.json file just to use as a test, but please note that I preserved only the world data, not the text from that date, and so the mechanics won’t line up with the troop spell descriptions. Going forward, this won’t be a problem, as I’ll save off the text files along with the world data. Just be careful with this first upload!

For those curious, the URL differences are as follows:

This makes it really easy to find differences for a single troop, via the W3C HTML diff service:

Here is War from 6/17 as compared to now:

Here are all troops from 6/17 as compared to now:

R.I.P. Maw meta. The new meta is Manticore/Khorvash?

Found a version from April, which is about when I started down this rabbit hole! This one even has a corresponding English text file I saved off.

Diff of Dark Maiden (with text differences!)

Where we’ve come since April!

As a table:

As a gigantic full-list diff:


Perhaps the devs could make the Troops List at the top of this website go to @lyya’s page rather than the long long long out-of-date page it still links to…? @sirrian @nimhain?


That’s a great idea! Doesn’t the wiki already go to an external page now? PS some of the other top links are a bit stale as well.


So… Winter Wolf is showing up Blue/Purple, as it should, but the trait tooltips are saying they take Nature and Water stones, which isn’t right. I thought the data was pulled directly from the game files, but I do see that Winter Wolf was added manually when it was introduced, because decrypted files weren’t available at the time. What’s going on here, @Lyya?


Yeah, the game files have the troop listed with incorrect primary/secondary colors. I hard-coded costs based on the colors the game files had listed, which causes this troop to be incorrectly attributed; I noted it long ago. I actually do have the data now to fix this properly but haven’t gotten around to it.


Anyone knows about the Mythic troop Guerre? Just saw on chat room 001 as someone got it thru the chest but no idea from which chest? Im very curious.