Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!


It won’t be the last Fantasy Series. It’s the end of Arcane Traitstones, so the prizes will be different

Also, PM me how you would improve the professionalism


Did I miss an announcement? :confused:


They are the root of the legal issues, so to avoid disruption to future Series I will be offering rewards out of my pocket, not InfinityPlus’


Ah, I see. I interpreted your statement quite differently.


Ok, so the root of the Legal Issues is Moral Rights, the ownership of ideas.

At the moment we are currently reviewing and creating a baseline for Community competitions like the Fantasy Series, and how we will be handling the rewards for them.

That doesn’t mean that we will remove arcane traitstones as a possible reward for such events, but that we are going to create guidelines for what events get which rewards.


Hey @nimhain any update on tidying the legal concerns / EULA to get the design-a-troop project back up and running please?


@Jainus No updates at the moment. We’ve been busy with bug fixes.


I can’t wait to read these guidelines, i love to read (which is why i am almost always on these forums) practically anything.[quote=“Nimhain, post:208, topic:6037”]
We’ve been busy with bug fixes.
More info.


Small update today:

Removed the perpetually “coming soon!” section of the team page. Now, if you specify a banner in your URL, like so:,goblin-king,green-slime,hobgoblin?banner=zaejin

it’ll provide a summary of your team banner next to your team. I haven’t hooked up the UI for this yet, but maybe this feature will be useful for the next fantasy thinger.


And write the kingdom like wild-plains if it’s a 2 or more word kingdom after the banner= part right?


Yep, you can use escapes like “%20” for spaces, or “-” for anything that’s not an alphabetic character. So, for example, both of these work:,6075,6183,6118?banner=sword's%20edge,6075,6183,6118?banner=sword-s-edge


Updated to incorporate 2.0.1 changes.

New features:

  • Support for dual-type troops (for example, Famine is now Daemon-Mystic)
  • Spell effects in the troop table now have more specific information in them rather than lumping all debuffs under “debuffs” (For example, you can now look for all troops that cause Frozen; This one’s for you, @Tacet!)


Can you see the spoiled upcoming troops on your site?


There are some unreleased troops on there, yes. So if you want to avoid spoilers then you might want to be careful what you search on the site.


I’d like the opposite!


I’ve removed the unreleased troops, to honor the developers’ requests to keep spoilers private. If you have specific questions, I may be able to answer them (but I’d prefer to do it in a spoiler thread or private message).


As a heads-up, I’m going to be on vacation overseas for a couple of weeks starting Monday, so the site may be slow to update until I get back.


Enjoy your vacation, you earned it from your hard work in and out of the game.


Have a nice time @lyya


Added a kingdom table, which can be used to quickly associate traitstones with their kingdoms for Explore mode, as well as correlate tributes, masteries, and bonus stats for level 10.