Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!

Hi everyone, I’ve created a webpage that can be used to browse and search for all the troops, classes, weapons, kingdoms in Gems of War, along with many other features. It is called the “Gems of War Database” and can be found here:


Troop List

The troop list can be found here:


In addition to what the official Troop List supports, the replacement list has:

Additionally, you can link to a specific troop by name:

Or you can link by ID:

The default page is paginated to keep load times and client load down. To see all troops at once, a tabular view can be found here:

This is also linked off the filter bar on the main page.

Weapon List

There is also a weapons list, which is very similar to the troops list.

Just like the troops list, it supports sorts, filters, and colors as part of the query parameters:

And you can also directly link a weapon by either ID or by name!

And localized links!üters (whew)

Hero Class List

As with troops and weapons, it’s possible to link Hero classes directly:

Hero perks have mouseover tips.

Team Builder

If you’d like to experiment with builds, you can do so on the site. Just click the “Add to team” link that shows up when you mouseover the troop portraits, and you’ll start building a team. Do so with other troops, or pick one from the set of (hopefully helpful) suggestions that show up, and when you’ve created a team, click “Publish Team” to create a page you can then show to others. An example team might look like:,mercy,paladin,valkyrie

Kingdoms and Quests

You can see details about all of the released kingdoms here:

You’ll find information about what the kingdom’s banner does, as well as a list of all troops in that kingdom. Additionally, each kingdom has a link to a page containing all of the kingdom quest text. For example, all of the Maugrim Woods text is here (of course, Thar Be Spoilers after this link):

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Collections

Console views are available on every page in the Database. These views restrict troops, weapons, classes, and kingdoms to those present on the two console platforms. The landing pages are here:

Gems of War Database (Note the final slash is unfortunately needed!)
Gems of War Database (Note the final slash is unfortunately needed!)

The troops list is:

The troop table is:


Account Linking and My Collection

It’s now possible to link your Gems of War account (PC/Mobile or Console) with your DB account and import a list of your troops and remaining Traitstones! This is a great planning tool for people working on their Collections. For details, see the below threads:


For those interested in a friendly competition, the Gems of War Database is now tracking the linked players with the highest level and those with the most unique troops ascended to Mythic. Details can be found in the below thread:

Gems of War Quiz!

You’re the Hero of a war-torn world in chaos. You’ve faced every challenge you’ve been given and emerged victorious — and learned a thing or two along the way. But how well do you really know the myriad denizens of Krystara? Take a 20-question quiz to test your knowledge!


Note that while I will attempt to keep the site up to date as changes roll out, there’s no guarantee that it will remain accurate. The game is subject to change at any time. You’ve been warned!

Feedback is always welcome. Try it out and let me know what I can improve!


In with a Bookmark!


Very good work @Lyya. It’s pleasant to see you going the extra mile, it really shows your dedication and enthusiasm for the game. :thumbsup:


Kind of you Macawi, you always seems to cheer up people. :slight_smile: Btw love your work, Lyya!!!:heart_eyes:


Great work and many thanks for this @Lyya! Especially for the languages support. I bet the one or other will help this a lot!
I checked it out already.
I found some Troops with no Image so far.
I hope it helps a bit :slight_smile:


Do you think its possible to sort the Troops by Traitstones?
Especially the Arcane? This would save some Time for me betweenwhiles. But however. Just a suggestion, hehe.
Thank you for the very helpful Project :smiley_cat:

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Thanks for the feedback, @Korbit. The issue with the missing images is, I’m pointing to images hosted by, and they haven’t uploaded images for the latest troops (presumably because the Troop List doesn’t have those troops yet!). I could add the images myself but I’d want to get their permission before rehosting those images.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is just the THING i was needing!
:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: ← Extra likes that you deserve.

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Top stuff! I changed the category for this thread to Community Guides so it’ll be easier to find for old and new forum folk alike.

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So needed, thanks so much! This is greatly appreciated in countless useful ways!!!

One question, I could guess but I will ask instead,…what do the letters R, UR, E, L, M stand for?

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Hi, they stand for the first letters for the base rarities.

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More specifically, they are the stats you’ll gain when ascending a troop to that rarity.

Ascending an Ultra Rare (UR) to Epic (E) will give such and such stats.


nice works Lyya

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Well done and much appreciated.

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I’ll need to mention you and this guide/list when I do the weekly event video tomorrow. Great work!


in the filter can i make it filter out specific kingdoms such as groshnok and broken spire at the same time?

The filter is a “filter-in,” not a “filter-out.” Whatever you put in there, it’ll attempt to match text within the entire troop description (except for probably tooltips). If it can find it, the troop will be shown, and if not, it won’t. There’s no provision currently for complex filter queries.

Is there a way to make it filter out by clicking on the box itself or check mark. I know i am the only one asking but i really want to win the draft using your troop list.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but the answer is “probably not.” What is it about the current troop list that would prevent you from manually filtering to a kingdom? Just sort by kingdom and scroll to where you want to be – or am I missing something?

I need to be able to omit certain kingdoms, as well as be able to stack the omission on top of searching for particular skills and traits. My draft team is specific and i already planned out how to argue for its greatness but if even one troop is missing i would have to change my strategy completely. I have too many teams so the moment i choose my first troop i am locked into a specific line-up and then i have to hope no one chooses any of my desired troops. So having a tool as great as yours which is better than the current tool i was using will help greatly but i want to be 100% i can swap out troops at a moments notice. It is common knowledge i am in the draft now so i might as well not hide my intentions any further. I am the villain of the draft or at least i feel that way. Be my accomplice please?

Taking this offline.