Gems of Streaming

The stream is over for today.

New schedule is up!


Ahhh so one…

Of these streams will be the 5.4 patch preview. Cool cool. :grinning:

Is Dripping Caverns delayed? According to the “spoiler” info, it’s scheduled to release on March 19th.
And… with this schedule we know already the April’s mythic will be from Bright Forest.

Dripping Caverns isn’t releasing on March 19th, it will be after that date. The reason we don’t release our schedule in advance is because of scheduling changes such as these. The spoilers always need to be taken with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:


So Dripping Caverns will appear at 2nd April - and then immediately at 6th April (Tuesday - Faction Assault event)?

Since TW is usually accurate (with a grain of salt, in mind), All-Seeing Eye faction will be 6th April.

Seeing a lot of Guild “None” players in the arena (even prior to the event) but before I blame this on the steady increase of guild events and players choosing to play solo rather than do the events.

I’m curious whether or not bot accounts are being used to add to the player pool in the arena? @Saltypatra

For some reason, viewers are “encouraged” not to all join at the start of the stream. The # of viewers for 1st code is always set a few minutes in, and then the next codes depend on increasing viewership during the same stream.

So if 40 viewers wanted to join, the optimal joining times would be staggered (if the only consideration were the codes :grin: :thinking:).

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How is that question even slightly relevant to this thread @awryan ? :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I am aware bots are not being used in the Arena.

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Figured you’d answer on the stream and I’d ask a guild mate your answer. Thanks nonetheless though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello team, just a heads up that there won’t be a stream today. I have a cold and am unable to come into the office, and don’t have my setup at home. I’ll make next week longer to make up for this and still preview the content for both weeks.


TL:DR Patch 5.4 hasn’t been approved by the Clients yet so there won’t be a preview stream this week. :wink:
Hope you feel better soon if I’m mistaken.

You’re mistaken, I’m sick, and work is cracking down on people with colds going to the office to stop transmission of any illness. (Which is for the best.)

I don’t work on getting patches approved, so any schedule on their end doesn’t effect streams.


Feel better soon; glad you and your team are taking precautions!


And people can’t sneeze in public without everyone looking at them like they got Covid. Despite all illnesses prior to December 2019 still existing.

Get well soon.

Before the pandemic, it was still disgusting that people went to work knowingly sick, or were forced into work.

I am allergic to… Well, everything, so sometimes when I have to sneeze I get those stares which sucks, but I get it. Everyone is just being cautious. No biggie.

Hope you feel better soon Salty!


Disappointing there won’t be a stream tonight as I was looking help from you regarding my account but get well :+1:

I bet help through a support ticket might be a better way of getting help, than through a stream. What are you needing help with btw?

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