Gems of Streaming

Salty would never dodge a stream ;------)

Still streaming today. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did any word come out about when 5.4 would be out? Spoilers haven’t gotten much love in quite some time, and it would seem we’re running out of runway, so…

EDIT: I’d also settle for any word on anything regarding the next Campaign :man_shrugging:


No word on dates for the update, which is on brand.

SoonTM is definitely on-brand, I’ll grant that :joy:

Edit to figure out how to make the superscript work :rofl:

Edit 2 to thank you for the response — I’m one who likes to see dev presence on the boards :heart:

I just saw this notice in chat:

Presto just found a new mythic troop: The Salty.
I didn’t know that there was a Salty Mythic in the game yet.

Next week is SoonTM

Too bad we can’t nickname others so I can flag tag @Presto as a troll.

Be careful. That could be seen as a callout around these parts :joy:

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Tagging devs about nonsense is not a flaggable post.

Do you people even bother to read the community guidelines to know what is flag worthy and what isn’t?

Reading something and thinking “this is rubbish” - Not a flag.
Reading something and thinking it is actually offensive is flag worthy.

But here’s a life hack. If a member of the forums. Tags a mod in their post. Trust the mod(s) to decide what to do with that post themselves. They won’t need you to flag the post for them. :person_shrugging:

Salty is pretty good about reading every comment on this thread. So it’s her decision as well if calling other players trolls is appropriate or not.

For all I know the player may take it as a compliment. Somehow the word has become a negative and a positive depending on who you ask.

Agreed. If rubbish, just call it out and don’t flag.

Just realized in my last comment, flag was probably the wrong word. Tag? Sure.


didn’t flag
wouldn’t flag
I support the flag

  • Spamming.
  • Purposefully derailing threads.
  • Spreading False Information.

It just takes one new player to google how to find mythic troops, read that, get their hopes up over nothing, and then fail. Its posted in an Official News post after all.

The fact that War and Peace was a weapon from quest lines in the past might give false credit to that comment he made.

The comment was a complete derail. It has absolutely nothing to do with any parts of streaming in Gems of War.

And frankly, I typically don’t enjoy this user’s type of posts. At all.


That’s a reach.

This thread is used pretty generally. Knowing that at the very least Salty will most likely read every comment here. So it gets used as a Q & A. In this case a dumb Q & A.

I read it as satire. But sure. It’s a lie. Fake news. What have you. And I’ve read misleading posts like that before. I didn’t flag them. I replied to the comment and said it was bull shit.

You support something you yourself wouldn’t do. I’m honestly trying to think of an example of where I can relate to such an act. But I can’t. :person_shrugging:
Not saying you’re wrong for feeling/thinking that way. For me personally, it reads like an oxymoron.

I completely understand your point. I do. But he also tagged 3 mods. Which is my point. Had he not. I probably wouldn’t of said anything. But he basically self reported himself. So if the official mods, when they officially get to work, don’t officially have an issue with the post and officially remove it from an official news thread. Then that’s on them. It’s their site to govern. Not for a jury of his peers.

And that’s why I’m uncomfortable with flags being thrown out even when mods are alerted to the post already. Because sooner than later, a flag over the little stuff grows into a power trip. Then it’s a pain in the butt to decipher who’s abusing their privilege. Then the mods have to actually get involved and it turns into a huge mess.

Yes the dude is weird. Yes the posts are creepy af. But Salty can protect Salty on Saltys own thread in his case.*

*If the posts go over the line and contain actually offensive material. Then it’s a whole different story.

Personally, I’ve spent way more time on the matter than I ever intended/wanted to. So when/if he posts something weird again. And if/when it gets flagged again. It is what is I guess. But to me. That’s more a violation of the rules than his own most recent post.

Ever serve in a Raider Detachment? Ever put your life in another Orc’s hands? Ask it to put its life in your hands?

I get it, really I do. Like when Rambo, John J. returned from the service. Used to be responsible for million dollar tanks, and then he couldn’t even get a job driving a cab.

“Thank you for your service”, but when it comes to actual support, nothing but words.

There was a sarcastic thread last year, after Sunspear had its change, which eventually got reverted. Months go by, and people forget the thread was sarcastic. New players come by, and think it’s a legit request.

I don’t flag. Sometimes I cross the line too. Sometimes I delete my own posts. Sometimes…it’s best to just remain silent. Either that, or pick up an axe, and join the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:

GW returns in 7.5 days. Perhaps Salty could show some of my Horde how to change defense teams in her next stream. Tyvm.

Edit: Found the link: Idea to change the Skeleton Key weapon - #23 by Lyya

Skeleton Key nerfed the following Update.


I mean we could get silly about it.
Every original troop announcement becomes a lie the second the troop gets rebalanced. Do the mods have the personal responsibility to go back and update the original announcement in fear of google searches discovering antiquated data?

I still refuse to call (when I remember) Zuulgoth and Enraged Kurandara player owned Boss type troops. Those mother frankers are “Ultra Mythics” and the devs know it.



And all of this song-and-dance routine likely started with a comment Sirrian made on dev Q&A stream years ago.

He intended to say that future rarities of troops would not revolve around the mechanic of needed additional copies of troops that every non-mythic troop uses to ascend to higher rarities. The community, however, interpreted his comment to mean that there would never be another rarity of troop over mythic.

And yet, here we are today. Doomed and Boss tier cards mostly dodge the issue by having no relation to the traditional ascension process. E.Kurandara flirts with breaking this rule, as it is a direct ascension from the mythic Kurandara troop. Although, the troop does use a recipe to ascend and not multiple copies of the same troop. So technically, the rule still stands to this day.

And if the major tarot cards are used in future recipes for a new class of troops, or there is some new mechanic with the eventual third map that generates a new class of troops, these troop rarities are almost assuredly not going to be called mythic either.

The devs probably could drop the matrix-tier dancing around these troops/weapons to avoid contradicting this rule. Sirrian’s statement is so old at this point as to be near irrelevant to the state of the game since the time he spoke that statement on-stream.


Has anyone heard of planting a seed of an idea that the devs could use to add to this game?
Or, for you lay men, making a suggestion?
Oh, I heard the Mythic is called Gold Phoenix.

The proper place for such a thing is the forum category “Feature Requests and Feedback”


Pew pew Archdeva stream today!


Did the stream stop?