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Gems of Streaming

I’d consider this better than some of the daily deals I get. I don’t remember the last time I had a deed offer.

Are imperial deeds going to be offered in the arena or is this another place for us to have deeds we can’t use offered to us?

Like Gems of War installed on a devs phone. It’s nice to see, but not really useful all things considered.

Is there no option to skip a reward, to see the next one? You only see one at a time, and buy it, or rot. That’s… really cruel :frowning:

edit: Or do I get a different reward if I complete the arena again? I’ll update when it lands and try it…

Edit 2: confirmed. Offer disappears when you leave whether you buy it or not, and the next arena run gives a different offer. That’s not as bad as I thought at first glance.

Yes. 3 times then no offer.

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Air Deed offer + 2x garbage, here.

AFAIK, they should be in there at the same rates as they would appear as a normal Daily Deal offer. The “special” offer is just another roll on the deal table, which is what… a 1% chance (or less) for an Imperial Deed offer?

I’m sure someone will post a screenshot of the offer here once they roll the offer as evidence it exists.

Ahh thanks. Therefore I won’t see Imperial deeds because there’s a cap to keep it fair to all players. Better to have RNG decide every single thing other than who gets the most Imperial deeds. :+1:

No screenshot, but two members of my guild family have already gotten Imperial offers.

So they’re either quite lucky, or these offers aren’t as infrequent, or… :man_shrugging:

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With the old arena before life and death I completely agree with you. It’s also a good chance for players to learn different cards before the vast collection wipes them off the table of viability. However, I find it really hard for a new player eager to improve his account to want to play arena if they took away the glory keys and souls associated with the game mode and replaced it with trophies.

Personally I would also like traits to be involved here but that’s maybe off topic.

Or… They don’t purchase imperial deed offers so they keep getting them.

Those who buy every one they can get see them less often than those who don’t buy them.

But we are all only able to purchase it X amount of times. I’m quite certain of it.

The offers were to be bought with gems like Daily deals, rather than money like flash offers. 500 and 450 gems, respectively, from the two reporting; dunno if that’s for win-rate or VIP status :man_shrugging:

You get 10% off if you get the full 6 wins

So far I’ve only ever had a single Imperial offer, which I didn’t buy. Does that mean those who buy them don’t get to see any at all? :smile:

I have a question, someone probably have already did the count. How many arena do you need for take 8 chaos orb? Normaly in weekend event you take 4 orb from new delve, 5 orb plus an great orb invasion, tons orb whit 2 great orb from bounty etc… At the moment I’ve understand the weekend event rotation is now 6 weeks, not 5 weeks. So if you dont play tons arena in the new weekeend event, you take less orb, in a year. Or i wrong?

We unfortunately don’t, When Salty started the new Beta Testing system, it was moved to Discord rather than on the Forum. So some people with Beta symbols on the forum are no longer Beta Testers and some without the symbol are Testers.

I have created an Infographic/ Guide for the new Arena Event and the Valor Required for each reward which I will upload here (and on various Discord Servers) at reset. Please note, this is not me supporting the event :grimacing: , more just wanting people to understand how it works so they aren’t disappointed when trying to earn rewards.


The underlying caution and sentiment doesn’t bode well. :crying_cat_face::sob:

If it’s 45 Valor for just the first reward as per screenshot on the Arena of Valor help page, and it increases by 45 each time as per Smash’s post above, such that it goes 45,90,135,180,225,270,315,…

Then @ 15 minutes per 6-win run, that’s 3.5 hours for 1 round, 12.5h for 2 rounds, 27h for 3 rounds and 47h for 4 rounds. Using up all waking hours over a 3-day weekend event and ending up with 4 rounds is not what I would describe as “can be done as many times as you want”.

If you’re a hero like IgniteIce and manage in 7 minutes flat a round, then 49 hours will get you as far as round 6, just over a third of an imperial deed.

(all hypothetically speaking based on help page and beta feedback)


I’m worried that it will be designed in such a way that 8 hours of grinding gets you 12% of an imperial deed.

More on topic, I’m glad to see the developer streams continue. That open communication with the playerbase is really appreciated.

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I don’t think it was advertised as this (was it?), unless that was someone speculating, although admittedly I didn’t watch the stream.

I think that you’re right and that it hasn’t been advertised that way in writing. I don’t want to comment on how it was verbally described on stream, because it’s a streamer’s job to make things seem exciting. I’ll edit out that part of my post.

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The magic of pattern recognition. Whenever there’s a request for clarification in the forum and all devs suddenly disappear from the thread it’s safe to assume the worst case it true. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is.

It’s a technically correct statement. Does the event use sigils? No? Then the event can be dome as many times as [the player] wants.

Although, while the event can be played as much as a player wants, reward progression ramps up at rates that make long-term farming of each event increasingly prohibitive for that event. Just like Daily Deals, writs are intended to be farmed at low rates from each event to get players to engage in multiple Arena events to earn a single additional Imperial Deed per month of two.

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