Gems of Streaming

LOL. I think I could open an Ingot Sandwich Shop and run it for 6 months before I ran out of stock! :laughing:

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Mythic preview today!

Stream going up at 6 30, real start around 6 40. <3


Faction preview today?

Does she use full faction team yet?
Or does the stream still only exist for entertainment without making the game look bad?

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Faction preview today, the live soon will go up around 6 30, thought we typically get underway 6 40. See you soon!


Updated streaming schedule!


Just a heads up, Salty’s feeling a bit under the weather today, so the stream will be cancelled. Apologies for the late notice.


What about today? Pirate talk? Stronday meaming?

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What about " 13th September 6 30 PM PDT: Talk like a pirate day stream! Salty codes, salty banter, bad accents, what more could you want?" stream?

Will be streaming today! Going to make pirate teams!

Also, I have some big news.



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Is there a link to stream. Found it :joy:

Potion gem bug being fixed this week then :smiley:

Do…do we spoil the big news? I would make a thread for it but not sure if Salty wants to make her own….

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Yeah, I think Salty or the devs should do an official post.

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On it, thanks team.

:sob: :sob: :sob:


@Cyrup left, @Sirrian left (busy elsewhere)… @Ozball will be the GoW new stream face?..

I rather read it as there won’t be any further streams, they are still looking into possibly contracting Salty to do one on special occasions.

Salty said during stream that any contract work she does is unlikely to be community stuff, so probably not a stream. Not entirely sure if someone else will pick up the streams or notm

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