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Woooohoooooo! Updated my streaming schedule well in advance. <3


Serious question @Saltypatra is there any plans at all for any troop balancing in the future? It is long overdue, if not please make it a priority over new content.

So many good troops that if given the right balancing can be very useful.

@Ghaleon we cannot make it a priority over new content, that is not our decision to make. We will never be able to make big batches of balance changes a priority above our pre-determined development schedule.

That being said, we are currently working on a set of balance changes, but I cannot give you a time frame for when it will release. To be safe, I would not expect any within the next few months. I don’t want you to get your hopes up and be disappointed by us.


Thank You! That will be fun!
<3 .

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That is fair but at least it is comforting to know it is in the pipeline even if it isn’t in the near future. Thanks for the response. :+1:


I really should change the time of these streams. Technical issues means I’m often late, I apologise.


What about today? Will the stream be late?

Letting you know that I will be streaming on the 1st instead of the 31st for our mythic preview stream. This is the American Tuesday, and the Australian Wednesday. I have a doctor’s appointment on the 31st, so won’t be able to stream on that date.

Thanks for understanding. ")


Hope your appointment goes well! There are some really cool Mythics coming up, I’m excited!

Stream is back tomorrow!

Chill out stream is today!


Kurandara preview today!

Eldrazhor preview in time?

Yep! Today!

In the stream tonight.
I hope you address if there’s any plans to increase the amount of Chaos Orbs available in the game. And expanding the event leaderboards to 200 and making at least 2 Power orbs available per event.

The previous rewards were designed around having 1 Boss troop that costs 8 power orbs. Now that you have 2 Boss troops you literally decided that $1 is now worth $2. So an extreme out of no where inflation. I hope there are plans to balance it out because most of us can’t afford that kind of inflation given everything that’s going on in the world.


Heads up, we don’t have any current plans to change orb drops, thought this might change in future. Just so you know what I will tell you in stream.


Guys, “we don’t have any current plans” has clearly become the only official answer we are and will be getting for any issue arising from now on. Stop having expectations.

Surrender. Desist. Concede.


To be fair. It’s pretty black and white. Either there are plans to change something… Like the arena.
Or no plans to change something like Chaos Orbs availability. She has to say “currently” in case tomorrow the dumb ass(es) at 505 gets fired so they can actually make GoW great again. Common sense should tell us anything planned can be changed. Including not having a plan.

I prefer posts that acknowledge the issue. Like she did. And at least state what’s happening right now. Like she did.

Rather than saying nothing at all. Which is always an unfortunate option. Or even worse…
Teasing that there’s going to be an announcement about a new troop prior to release. 8? Weeks later there still isn’t announcement about the troop, so we get the troop without a heads up.

Somewhere in between that teaser announcement and now. Some idiot (I don’t mean it as demeaning, I mean it factually) decided that the cost of Enraged Kurandara was going to involve 8 power orbs. It was probably originally PLANNED to be a power orb or two. Which would be a reasonable cost if they plan on doing this every 11 weeks. 8 Power orbs is just pure greed and indefensible. So they decided not reveal the information prior to release.

If anyone on the Dev team or publisher thinks that following the same 8 power orb formula every 11 weeks is a good idea. Then your company seriously has a substance abuse issue. And there needs to be a better drug policy put into action. And that person needs to get the help that they are clearly crying out for.


THE PQ STREAM IS BACK TODAY! Come if you want.

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Pq stream is back today, and I’ll be updating our streaming schedule soon. <3