Gems of Streaming

With 10 weeks of World Events in our near future, did they say anything about the math / tier purchase expectations for them?

Hopefully they will all be tier 3.5 or lower average

On another thread about it, it was confirmed that there had been issues with world events and that they never intended on prices to be that high.

Their goal is to get cost down to similar as other events, while having the dynamic changing scoring systems in place, and created/fixed a tool to help do this going forward.


They had to create a tool to do basic math for them?


So, reading all this, there is no actual new thing except a shuffle of events and new Mythics that are unavailable for a long time after release (unless you dole out cash) ? Will there still be normal Mythic releases?

If not, Mythic releases are down from 12 times to 5 a year (or less if there’s not always one in the campaign rewards as stated above).


I mean, wouldn’t you rather the calculations be automated? That beats the pants off of having to redo them each time and possibly getting them wrong occasionally.


I made a big list adding together all the rewards you can get from the campaign, based on the previews.

Normal Rewards

8750 gold
3780 soul
490 glory
32 gold key
18 glory key
4 gem key
2 event key
90 Minor/Major Traitstone
34 Runic Traitstone
30 White Pet Food
4 Epic Ingot
16 Treasure Map
680 Gem Shard
40 Chaos Shard

Elite Pass

25000 gold
2250 soul
290 glory
90 gem
830 gold key
32 glory key
12 gem key
8 event key
30 Runic Traitstone
12 Arcane Traitstone
120 White Pet Food
180 Colored Pet Food
375 Common Ingot
5 Rare Ingot
2 Ultra Rare Ingot
1 Epic Ingot
1400 Gem Shard
400 Chaos Shard
20 Coin Purse
10 Gold Ring
4 Priest’s Chalice
2 King’s Crown
4 token of gaard
3 token of yasmine
2 token of orpheus
1 token of aranaea
Mythic Pet
Epic troop to Mythic
Heart of Rage
Mythic Troop
2x Weapon

Elite+ Pass

15000 gold
1500 soul
290 glory
120 gem
40 gold key
16 glory key
9 gem key
4 event key
1 vault key

Overall it seems like the value from campaigns is almost all in the big ticket items, those being the artifact for the normal pass, the Mythic for the Elite Pass, and getting artifact levels earlier/more easily for the Elite+ Pass.


Considering their history, you bring up a very good point. But I’m the type who double checks my spreadsheet calculations even when I’m the one who built the formulas

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They are putting coin purses and common ingots behind a paywall… I don’t think whoever chose the rewards has actually “played the game” per se.


‘New Mythic Friday’ on the first Friday of each month is unaffected by campaigns.


I really don’t like that now the war will take place along with another event. And as I understand it, there will be a third one on weekend. In reality, even 4, the campaign appears. There will be weeks when: war, world event, new faction/invasion/raid on Friday, and campaign. No life - play, play, play, play instead of work. War is the most difficult event. War takes more time than other events. Also I absolutely don’t like World Events. The difficulty is random every time. Sometimes it is normal, sometimes it requires additional tiers.

And the main problem: the points are so small that all 30 players must play. Points don’t grow at a higher level. In raid or invasion, one person can do the norm for four.

Please save the current calendar: 3 weeks of events + war. And reduce the difficulty (number of battles for all) of world events.


Weapons, Pets & Troops are all behind the paywall. All three linked to kingdom progression. They mentioned the mythic will be available…sometime… in the drop pool & for crafting, but it could be a year till it shows up in soulforge rotation. And what about the pets & lesser troops?

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Ow, this is beginning to look like several very well placed kicks into the place it hurts most for F2P players.

  • An exclusive mythic every 10 week campaign. Good luck farming 4k diamonds that fast for each campaign, especially when you might also still want to craft other things.
  • Several other exlusive troops (Kurandarito, Shade of Kurandara, Heart of Rage). Good luck ever getting those mythic, especially when you might still want to craft Zuul.
  • Several exclusive weapons (Devil’s Bane, Hammer of Force) . Good luck crafting those, some kingdoms haven’t had a kingdom event for a year. You’ll also need skip the exclusive mythic, not enough diamonds.

Not going to lie, this isn’t just disappointing, this feels like betraying the core spirit of the game. Yes, technically this stuff isn’t blocked behind a pay wall. But let’s be frank, everybody able to do basic math can easily see it also can’t be reached without scaling the pay wall. It’s outright impossible for F2P players to farm all resources required to post-craft these exclusives at the rate the campaigns crank them out. If you consider yourself a collector, this is the point where you either open your wallet for recurring payments or jump ship.

This will probably take roughly a campaign to sink in for most players. If any of the imploding guilds is up for a merger instead of just disbanding, feel free to send me a PM, we might be able to arrange something.


Thanks for doing the amounts of rewards. This shows that if you dont pay for elite pass, you are wasting your time for completing task that reward nothing but pitiful gold and souls. This only will detract you from farming gold and medal or even class xp.


I still don’t understand what we get when we pass 10 weeks of campaign without Elite. Only the bonus to skills?

At the same time, the Campaign forces us to spend rare event keys (maybe gem keys too) to complete some tasks or pay off with gems.


I hope its not parked on the shelve.

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In no way in this a valid argument. I say that as a pretense…but…

It seemed like every comment I made during the stream was at least read by Salty with a few times her acknowledging them.
She opened up the stream to questions…I asked at least twice about delves/factions being altered in the future. Absolutely zero response. :man_shrugging:


If that turns out to be the case then that’s the dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet all week. Even dumber then thinking it’s reasonable to use gems to skip treasure hunts.

iirc, 2nd half of 2020 Delves were meant to be addressed, same as Arena and TH


I was waiting for this patch. I believed that he would change the Guild War. Equal in strength guilds will play among themselves. Instead, i received another step in the direction of the donation dump.