5.0 Update

So when will 5.0 make it to the Switch? Since it didn’t get 4.9… or will it ever??

@captain_video the Switch 5.0 update isn’t far away but it won’t be today. We’ll make a separate announcement for Switch when the patch goes out for it :slight_smile:

Kind of a big deal, but we expected it fixed.

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Just curious how long I need to keep waiting for the ability to use multiple maps

TH gets an update towards end of year.

But Id say, never

I hate to a be a downer, because goodness knows this forum has enough negativity. However, I do feel like I am allowed to express genuine disappointment.

4.9 was bad enough; I’m not sure I can think of a game I’ve played which calls a slight shop revamp an “update.” As someone who doesn’t pay much real money in GoW, the 4.9 “update” affected me zero. It was literally just changing some things in the shop, which, while probably something that needed to be done, did not deserve the “update” title and should have been done in a minor patch. Why 4.9 took as long as it did is beyond me.

That being said, I’m not the target audience of 4.9. I get that. Maybe I’m just not appreciating how much they tweaked in the shop. 5.0 will be better, right? It’s a major update, after all.

5.0 has added dull daily tasks in addition to the dull daily tasks we already have, which were revamped not that long ago. Supposing the rewards in the free pass stay the same (I don’t expect them to change much from what we’ve seen), the new campaigns are literally not worth doing unless you’re desperate for a few extra stat points (high Delves and high bracket GW), as stated by @Zehnpai . The rewards previewed in the live stream for the free pass are laughable at best. Adding trivial rewards for things you could already do is hardly an update. So why is this considered a major update?

In my opinion, it’s because the meat of this update is in the money. 4.9 was about the money, and 5.0 is arguably more so about the money, giving f2p players next to nothing in a major update, while adding Mythics, pets, titles, portraits, Delve treasure, tokens, and more, plus additional stat buffs for paying players. This update is almost purely for monetization, adding no new features, just tiny rewards for doing old features, urging players to spend money for the juicy stuff.

I’m just disappointed is all. The Devs will not change anything, as 5.0 released today. It’s to their benefit to put minimal effort into updates while increasing monetization (as we’ve seen with the additions/tweaks regarding ads, the shop, and campaigns). I still love this game and will continue to play it. I’m just sad to see the direction it’s going, and I hope the Devs have better stuff up their sleeves for the future.


While I personally dont think this should have been the 5.0 update, I was hoping for things like PvP rework included.

But covid happened and slowed down a lot of development, so it would not shock me if they had other things planned but were unable to do them due to time constraints.

As for it being a large update, I do agree, just not a major 1. It changes the entire guild weekly event rotation, and adds in more world events. When World Events were added to start with, it was a large update as well, and it follows along there.

As to the content, have to wait and see what happens next week imo.


I seem to remember that Sirrian was proudly anticipating a great change to GoW with the 5.0 update in one or more of dev Q&A streams?

Things have changed since then.


I did too.

This is my opinion as well. Campaigns are a skeleton to enable the battlepass Elite pass system, and offering new kingdom weapons for $10 a pop to new players comes across as rather greedy.

When are we going to see an update that’s purely about gameplay/QOL/player-focus instead of an update about giving us more stuff to buy or revamping the “shop experience”?


GoW devs: removed daily tasks because

Also GoW devs: introduces campaigns which are fiddly to complete and their rewards aren’t as good when compared to other areas of the game


I’m not disappointed. I knew it was going to be this bad.

(This beta tag is erroneous, I am not on the beta team that oversaw 5.0.)


Update is Live on Android

5.0 Update: what a waste of… everything!


So, am I the only one excited for Monday? :smiley:

Call me crazy, but I’m looking forward to trying out the new campaign, elite pass and all :slight_smile:


I would be if it wasn’t a world event. :crossed_fingers: 4th times the charm.


I’m not a huge fan of the world events but that’s just my personal dislike I know ppl who like them, also the campaign adds nothing new to the game it just gives you tasks to play content you already know and played for months or even years. Not excited about tasks that make me play treasure hunt :wink:


Don’t worry???
More World Events that are awful, boring, brings no team spirit. No obvious progress. Sigil sink, which means it is a gem sink.

Guild Wars in the same week as World Event/Tower of Doom :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:
That is the worst idea you have implemented - along with epic tasks.
Yes that is obviously a gem sink and time sink. But do you really expect the majority to buy gems so we have enough gems to do both AND all the other events needing gems?
I do not have that kind of money, so instead it will be less playing for me.
You are suffocating any fun(games need to be fun you know, not only grind/chores) and instead replace it with boring content(World Event) time sinks and gem sinks, which in the end is aiming on more money spent to be able to keep up.
“oh but you are not forced to use gems in any event” just don’t… What is the fun in doing an event without spending any gems? You CAN NOT complete a guild event, without spending gems, except Guild Wars. Then it is better to skip the event.
Raid boss and Invasion are now Guild Weekend event - another gem sink and has nothing to do with you keeping beloved events.

I loved this game, now not so much.


Spot on. You nailed it.

So,I never write in the forum but now I think the time has come, If this was a huge patch ok,haha just laugh :laughing:…friendly I will always say the following…it would be much better in the next round to look to correct problems of the past and make the game better for the remaining players … (they have stopped a lot veteran players and after 5.0 much more will stop) so it would be good to listen the community and not to constantly add new things just for money and not to correct big mistakes from old … these few from me … good luck to all (sorry if my english is not so good)