Gems of Riddles

In honour of our shenanigans in global chat today, let’s have a riddle thread! (Bonus points if they’re related to Krystara or Gems of War!)

This is the one I contributed today…

Who is fair and harsh,
and hates to lose,
With a royal fam,
And a love of shoes?

(Hint, she lives in Krystara.)


Princess Elspeth

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Boom!~ Correct.

Anyone else got any riddles to share?

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Does a haiku count?

Sure why not!

Inb4 the answer is birbs.

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Dammit :frowning: :frowning:


By the day, down it lay.
By night you can’t see it’s flight.
If you heard a howl, don’t wait the shadows growl.
Run, hide and pray, hoping you live another day.

It’s an inhabitant from Krystara, but whom or what is it?
(Salty and Cyrup already knows as it was an old suggestion for a possible minigame via stream.)

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Werewolf?!? Or some kind of bat (Crimson, Nosferatu). Don’t give me points for a multi-guess, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Umberwolf would be pretty shadowy and suitable, too, though. Hmmmm…

Okay, I’m ruling out bats because of the ‘howl’ bit. Ima take ‘flight’ in the slightly metaphorical sense (although why can’t you see it??? :thinking: they’re not THAT sneaky, are they?) and go with Werewolf, because it’s also a game :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed:. Otherwise Umby would fit as being more shadowy.

A relatively easy one:

A set of blue scale,
As hard as mail.
With the appetite of an omnivore,
However, it would much rather eat on the ocean floor.

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Giant Crab.

Nope, though to be fair, it does fit Giant Crab as well.

You are close, but still not grasping a crucial detail…


I’d say Hammerclaw was more grey than blue :thinking:


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Here is a tough math puzzle, for those inclined:

Assume that, at board creation time, the game randomly assigns any color or skull at an even distribution (that is, the odds of any gem type for any slot is 1/7; count doomskulls as skulls). In this case, what are the odds that the initial board contains at least one 3-match or greater – that is to say, the initial board has to be tweaked or re-rolled in order to satisfy the requirement of there being no immediate match?

(The math involved here is daunting!)


Is it Moon Moon? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Filler of blue, the original, only
Hair of blond, armor full coverage
Pair with Mercy or Mab, her bestest friends
Acquiring souls, her power lends

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Valkyrie to the rescue!

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