Gem Dragon Community Drop Rates

I started my own count, so I would be able to avoid double counting people who posted multiple times here like myself:


Fantastic data! How did you find it easiest to avoid double counts?

I’m not sure that it was the easiest way, but I just recorded it by person/account. I went through the posts from newest to oldest, and ignored older posts if I already had their name on the sheet.

I also don’t mind sharing this if anyone wants access. I just need to move it to its own file, since right now it’s with all my other GoW stuff.


That’s awesome! Here’s my tiny amount of dragons, for what it’s worth.

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Lovely data, @Voq – but prepare for some friendly competition :slight_smile: :


  • I’m building this data from the posts made in this thread. I obviously haven’t finished skimming the thread yet, but so far this is 28 data points from 21 different users.
  • Columns painted gray indicate values calculated via formulas. I do not directly record any data here, I just ensure that the formulas are defined consistently down each column.
  • Columns A and B identify where I found each data point (based on time of each forum post).
  • Columns C through H indicate each dragon known to be crafted at/by that time. For users with only 1 entry, this is their lifetime total. For users with multiple entries, I manually compared it to the previous entry to infer individual crafting results between posts (e.g. if in post A you had a total of 3 Amethialas and in post B you have 5 total, I record the latter entry as “2” dragons crafted, not “5” total).
  • Columns J thru M are collectively titled “Flags”. This is where a large chunk of the “spreadsheet magic” happens: these are intermediate values not very useful by themselves, but make building formulas elsewhere in the spreadsheet a heckuva lot easier.
What each "Flag" column does specifically:
  • Flag “#” increments by 1 for every data point (row) in the table, nothing else. This establishes a unique value to identify individual rows by, that can be used elsewhere in the spreadsheet to pull data from anywhere this table where needed. Which is actually super powerful once you start using it correctly.
  • Flag “U” increments by 1 for each data point from the same user. Filtering this column to values of 1 effectively compiles a list of all users who contributed data.
  • Flag “T” counts the total dragons crafted in that row, nothing else. It is actually important to have this value compiled now, so that formulas elsewhere can scan it as a single column.
  • Flag “D” is 1 for the newest data point from each user and 0 for older data points.

  • Columns O through T start compiling the data on a per-user basis. Note that when a user has multiple data points, this is shown next to their newest data point only, which helps check for errors because when a user posts a screenshot from their Troops page, the totals here should always sync up with their screenshot. (Screenshots of crafting results, on the other hand, should sync up with columns C through H)
  • Columns U, V, and W summarize the columns O through T. “Total” is the lifetime total of Gem Dragon Eggs crafted by that user; “Streak” is the highest number of duplicates of any dragon they have, and “Missing” is the # of unowned Gem Dragons. A high Streak value correlated to a low Missing value is the primary complaint we have about Gem Dragon eggs.

I have all the Ruboraths people are missing, but of course i get nothing but. :roll_eyes:

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I think I’ve tallied up most of the data posted in here, time to start compiling summary information for my spreadsheet:


(I know Eika is up to at least 12 dragon eggs by now, but I couldn’t confirm which post when I last updated my raw data.)


Let me add my pic to the stats.
Blue was my last one. Egg no. 1 was red, egg no. 2 was red too. Diamantina is a new addition to the team, she is 2 days old.


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x2 Amethialas | x1 Smaragdgrün | x1 Garnetaerlin |
Today 3. Rubirath :rage:

18th egg was 2nd Sapphirax. At least is was the one I had least of so far.

Sorry, note that your earlier post specifically said “dragons” not “doors”, and in a topic about Gem Dragon Eggs not the Boss Dungeon itself, so naturally I assumed that’s what you were talking about.

Anyway, I’ve aggregated a bit more data on my spreadsheet, and:

  • I’m seeing a collective lack of Emeraldrins? (I chose a bar chart over pie chart for this reason)
  • (ignore the reference to “11/05/23” (Nov 2023), I forgot to specify 2022 so it defaulted to 2023 when I first typed it in. The correct newest data point is “2/2/2023”)
  • I’ve also logged “unknown” dragon eggs where the post gave only a vague description of their totals (and not which colors specifically). Naturally, this represents some margin of error in my data collection - on top of the “fossil record problem” where (by definition) this is data reported voluntarily and could potentially have some skew in unpredictable ways.

Honestly, it was pretty clear to me from the context that doors were being referred to rather than dragons.

People make slips of the tongue or brain or fingers, or have different backgrounds – and graceful, effective, respectful communication involves some generosity, humility and effort on both sides.

It seems like you’re placing all the blame at esslee’s feet here, not accepting that you could have interacted more generously – perhaps by clarifying, first, if you were unsure, or checking that your understanding was correct.

I recommend trying just saying, e.g., “Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. Thank you for clarifying” in similar situations in the future; or when responding initially, something like, “Can you point me to where this was proven? I can’t remember seeing this. You are referring to Gem Dragon Eggs, is that correct?”.

I also recommend seeing if it makes those people feel more respected and welcome, and more willing to engage on an ongoing basis.


Yeah, fair point. I believe I was skimming through the topic when I initially questioned that anyway…

I pulled my third dragon (sum total) this morning. My first dragon was an Emeraldrin. My second dragon was a Rubirath.

This morning’s pull was another Emeraldrin. Mildly irritating, to be sure, but if this is the biggest issue in my life I should probably feel very blessed. (It’s not; it’s not even the biggest irritation I have in Gems of War right now.) So I guess I’m bucking the “data compiled” trend here, at least a little bit.

And on the bright side, it also means I’ve been hitting perfect runs with enough frequency in recent days/weeks to get to pull another one. And having said that, I now probably won’t see another until July.

24 dragons, still no Topasarth.


So I’ve come to the conclusion that if I have a “spare” 300 Gems on hand I should definitely go for the Dragonite offer because 60 Dragonite is still (statistically) equivalent to 5 days of the Boss Dungeon. Also note I am constantly buying the 50-gem crafting resources offer (which across 5 days is itself 250 Gems) and somehow having extra Gems left over so acquiring them is not a problem…

But that’s a pretty BIG “if”.

Regardless, today I hit another 500 Dragonite and lacking any other use for the things, I got…

Dragon #3

I am not mad. Disappointed? Yeah, a little definitely, it’s a shame to see the streak die so soon and this dragon is already over-represented in community data. My favorite (aesthetically) is still Sapphirax, and Garnetaerlin would have been nice to get because then I’d at least have unlocked one of the Dragon rings. Maybe next time. It’ll probably be another 2-3 months before I have 500 Dragonite again anyway.

I hatched an egg early on (yellow dragon), then just waited. Around Christmas, moments before bangate went down, I felt moved by holiday spirit and hatched three more eggs - red, blue and green.
I’ve been on hold ever since, as I don’t feel like pushing my luck further for the time being, not at the cost of 500 dragonite (that - mind you - doesn’t grow on trees) per egg. I’m buying 60 daily, though, for another week or two but then I’ll stop and continue waiting for the situation to develop and proceed further as some clarity arises.


What if the promise of changing how to craft those dragons stays like that, just being a promise like the fix for daily deals?


I’m sitting on just over 1.5k dragonite rn, since I won’t be wasting my time getting duplicates. I’d rather just wait to craft them in a more fair, targeted and individual manner, if that comes about. I don’t care for the hype about Diamantina. It’s not worth the hassle and frequent disappointment of gathering dragonite and crafting gem eggs. It just isn’t. Not for me at least. I’ll wait.


Lol just got sapphirax today, got them all finally