Gem Dragon Community Drop Rates

6 out of 12 times. Unreal. I do get it if it was just 2 dragons in the drop pool. But it is supposed to be 6 there.


@Eika, in all seriousness I would suggest not spending any more gems on Dragonite until they let you select which dragon to craft. It’s just not worth the misery and stress you are putting yourself through.

At this point the rewards just aren’t worth what you’re throwing into it. The kingdom progression is minimal, and if you’re locked on troops others will get released that will unlock those kingdoms.

I suggest patience instead of throwing yourself at this wall over and over again.


What if it never get invented? I want to at least try get a 5th dragon. Will skip the 6th. Thanks for your sympathy.


And now at 4 Topasarth’s.

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I’ve got all of them now but it was strange, I crafted an egg after a perfect run and got the ruby one I was missing and the same happened after the next perfect run, I crafted 2 and got 2 of the last that I was missing.

This holiday season: don’t be me and love yourself. Tell your loved ones you care about them. Oh, and keep them away from Gems of War.

19 Dragons. This expletive game…


Congratulation! I gave up after 4 duplicates a row after chasing my 5th dragon.

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This is so dumb and such a rip off!


Thats hard!!!

Seventeen eggs - and still waiting for one elusive dragon :pensive:

  1. Sapphirax
  2. Sapphirax
  3. Emeraldrin
  4. Emeraldrin
  5. Amethialas
  6. Sapphirax

Same boat. 17 eggs later. I need Rubirath. I would trade you a Topasarth if I could.

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Got the last dragon I need on its color day


Egg update - Now 22 eggs hatched.
Five weeks and five eggs later but still waiting for the last dragon :pensive:


I feel your pain. Would be at the point of flipping tables by 22


I’ve stopped trying…



4 of them all minus emerald and garnet… Of course… Plus disenchanted 3 or 4 others that I had beyond…

2 amethialases and 3 garnetaerlins

My drops started out with a Topasarth and Sapphirax, netiher of which was useful for any team I was planning to use, so given my next eggs dropped 2 Topasarths and another Sapphirax I just stopped wasting gems on buying dragonite.

Since then I got enough Dragonite Gnomes and perfect runs that I could craft 10 eggs, but I’m going to hold on because experience tells me that the true chance of getting any troop I do not already have is not random.

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