Gem Dragon Community Drop Rates

I just got my sixth boss in 8 attemps. I have 2 ruby (red) and 2 topaz (yellow)

I opened them as soon as I got the dragonites. A guildmate just did the same few minutes ago, 6/8 also. I guess we are lucky :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, individual players shouldn’t be the casualties of RNG at the granular scale, even if it averages out over the larger. It’s not cool, or fair, or okay, and it’s lazy design at the expense of random players.

Poor experiences of RNG are at their most exacerbated when (a) the chance of success is not particularly high, (b) the payout is large, and (c) number of trials is small. Dragons are a great example of this; Path of Glory Mythics are another (where following years of requests and feedback, duplicates were prevented from occurring – a much-welcomed change for paying customers).

Gold Chests/Keys are pretty much the opposite, for comparison. Chance of success (getting copies of a certain card, or resources like Gems, etc.) aren’t heaps high, but players get lots of trials, and the stakes (payout) are low, so it’s not a big deal. You don’t see people complaining about unfair Gold Chest rewards.

Gem Dragon Eggs should never have been pure RNG. Make it like Guild Guardians, or allow crafting specific ones, even if at a higher cost.

When the change is implemented, send players with over 4 copies of any Dragon new Eggs in the mail to replace their surpluses. Done, players snuff their torches, the economy isn’t hurt that much, and in fact is saved because more punters decide to stay and play. If you keep up the good work, the embers might even grow cold enough not to re-ignite straight away at the next fluff-up.


So far:


Made my sixth dragon egg… and now I have:


Really, really dumb design. Infuriating.


I crafted my 9th egg today and unsurprisingly, it was a duplicate. At least it was the brown dragon; I didn’t have any duplicates of that one yet.

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I just got the 6th copy of the purple dragon. I must admit it is hard to swallow. Only 3 unique dragons so far.


Just hatched my last dragon egg today

9 eggs in total


3 Dragons without 1 copie!

10egg 4x duplicate 6/6 Dragons


Cool, slowly on my way to 4x of the dragons I have. My 10th egg was a duplicate again.


We are about the same, only that you are 1 dragon ahead of me.

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11th egg, got a missing dragon this time. I was happy for a second, but then my thoughts turned towards the last missing dragon and how much dragonite that can potentially take. So now I’m back to being discouraged and disinterested in playing GoW.

  1. Rubirath (Red dupe)
  2. Amethialas (Purple dupe)
  3. Topasarth (Yellow dupe)
  4. Rubirath (Red dupe)

for those keeping track at home:

3 Purple
3 Red
2 Brown
2 Blue
2 Yellow

never getting a Green at this rate


  1. Amethialas (Purple dupe)
  2. Sapphirax (Blue dupe)
  3. Rubirath (Red dupe)
  4. Amethialas (Purple dupe)
  5. Rubirath (Red dupe)
  6. Topasarth (Yellow dupe)

I actually don’t remember the order for 13/14, more annoying than its worth. Made the weapon instead of attempt 15.

5 Purple
5 Red
2 Brown
3 Blue
3 Yellow

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2nd egg… got an Amethialas, after the first roll being an Emeraldrin… :bear:

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13 eggs, 2 new dragons since I last posted. Both dupes.
I’m going to stop opening eggs now, and just save up for a year. Maybe the devs will actually do the right thing for this system a year from now.


I am still only 4 different dragons in with the same summon tally. So you are a whole dragon ahead of me. I agree with everything you say.


That’s really rough. Did you get more than 4 dupes of a single dragon already? That was going to be my limit, but I decided to stop when I got my first 4th instead of waiting for a 5th.

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@Voq Out of 12 total summonings, I got Topasarth 3 times and Amethialas 6 times. Thought I already was at 14, counted twice. Now that is awful, with big letters. 50 % of my summons has been Amethialas.

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Wow… 6 times. :scream: That’s awful.

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