💎 A Hidden Gem 💎-Casual Guild Team-No Requirements

Here at “A Hidden Gem” we would like joining members to know that this team has been created for the relaxing laid back, gem matching life.

What relaxing means is there is no weekly trophy requirements, no gold requirements and no guild wars or seals requirement.

This guild team was created a long time ago for newbies or just for members that want to play in a relaxing sate of mind without all the pressures of having to make all those requirements that the real serious guild teams like to really focus on.

So wether you’re a newbie eager to learn with no pressure or even a mid to end game player who’s tired of the daily pressure who wants to slow down, and not feel like you’re a drag on your current guild, we’ve got a place for you here at “A Hidden Gem”.

One final note is I have implemented this one important rule!! You must play a minimum of at least one day a month because we have found that some players abandoned the game with no notice, which becomes unfair having no notice while we could be recruiting eager players for those empty slots.

As with all recruitment posts, let me know your invite code. The door is always open.

Hi, I’m new – really new – and looking for a guild that provides some benefits, but not a lot of pressure while I am learning the game. Does this guild still have openings?

Invite code: DIZZYJUSTICE73358_HWDB

Yes Blacklmpala I just excepted your invite code and yes this is a relaxing team and gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace.
Welcome and glad to have you on board!!!

I got an email in my game inviting me to join, but when I accepted I got an error message that says “Unfortunately this guild seems to be full. You’ll need to wait for some free space, or try a different guild.”

Sorry about that Blacklmpala please try your email again we have two openings at the moment please notify me if you have any other issues thank you.

im looking for not a harcore guild, but at least active on terms of guildwar/raids

As stated Caste we are a casual team with no requirements, we are active in all types of guild wars games but don’t enforce requirement for participating.

Ok, i dont really know how this invite code works, but here CASTE_5

I received two more invites by email in the gam and each time I tried to accept, I got the same message as before.

In the guilds area, under “Join Guilds” your guild is listed first and says “Invite Pending” and lists the members as 29/30. When I click on Join it says “Error Join by Invite only”.

Sorry about that Blacklmpala please try again everything is fixed now and the last spot is left for you. You should be receiving a new email the is setup for you as 30th player. It is setup with the invite code DIZZYJUSTICE73358_HWDB you gave me. Once again small glitch on my part.

That worked! Thank you.

Can you point me to some of guide that can answer “I’ve joined a guild. Now what?” :smiley:

You will find a lot of guided info through this forum
And I found Tacet the Terror YouTube channel very helpful as well


Looking to join +1 my invite code is ILOVEMYAMBERABUNCH_WUTD

Sorry at the moment no openings. Will hoid on to your invite code when opening becomes available.

Noob interested in joining a casual guild like you’ve described here.

If an opening becomes available, I’m at: SOULCATCHER_JMXG


If there are openings I’d love to join. Just started playing today, so still very much a noob figuring things out. Invite Code: BLUID_IMAL


I am looking for a Guild at the moment and was wondering if I could join
Invite Code: UOBURD

Sorry for the moment we are full you can always check back and several weeks thanks for your interest