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Gaming Awards --- Love the Industry Icon Award went to a very special woman!

Be still my beating heart. As a woman who love to play games and has been the brunt of many jokes, pickons, hitons, tormented, and in the beginning outcast in an already fringe group of people…it is so nice to see that the Industry Icon Award at the Gaming awards went to Carol Shaw

So for all the women who are part of GoW - @Nimhain @Saltypatra @Lyya @Cyrup @Kafka ROCK ON!!!

It’s nice seeing a very well mixed group in the audience!!!


I played sooooo much River Raid as a kid. Slowing down over the fuel tanks to collect as much as possible then shooting at the last minute to blow them up and get the points as well.

I might have to fire it up again this weekend…


Thank you! :heart_eyes: