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Game freezes when Ranger kills last enemy with Lightning Arrow, but the last enemy summons a new enemy after dying

When finishing a match using Ranger, his primary Lightning Arrow damage kills the last enemy. In the two instances this has happened, the last enemy was a Dragotaur. The game would freeze as the lethal damage is being applied, but the Dragotaur’s “Dragon Boon” ability, where he summons a Dragonette on death, activates. It appears that the game is unsure if it should apply the Ranger’s secondary Lightning Arrow damage to the new, summoned creature.
Both occurrences were this week, during Guild Wars battles, causing the player to have to close the game completely, resulting in a loss being recorded for the Guild War.

Repro Steps:

  1. Create a team with the Ranger card.
  2. Begin a battle against a team with a Dragotaur that has the “Dragon Boon” trait unlocked.
  3. Make sure the last enemy remaining is the Dragotaur.
  4. Use the Ranger’s Lightning Arrow on the Dragotaur, when the first part of the spell will defeat the Dragotaur.

Actual Result:
The game will freeze as the Dragotaur is defeated and the Dragotaur’s “Dragon Boon” trait activates.

Expected Result:
The game will not freeze. Either with the Dragonnette successfully summoned and the match continues, or the secondary damage is applied to the Dragonette.

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