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Poison killing the last enemy crashes the game (PS4)

Hello all,

i want to report 2 bugs actually.

  1. When poison kills the last enemy, this enemy still makes a move - despite no enemies left, and this move having no effect. If my last troop is killed by poison - i also have this meaningless last move.

  2. When the last enemy is killed by poison and AI makes that last move - game often crashes (not every time iirc, i just decided to write here since game crashed 3 times today because of this…).

I poison the enemies with Shadow Dragon if this is important.

That’s an issue we’re aware of.

It’s not a problem with Poison, so much as its a problem with damage over time effects. This is why you’ll see similar complaints about Burning. The short version is that in certain circumstances, if a DOT is applied to a troop that has an immunity to that specific status effect (or status effects in general), the game can crash or exhibit other weird behaviors.

The good news is that we’ve already got a fix for this problem that we’ll be releasing soon. We don’t have a solid release date just yet, but we’ll let you know once our plans have been nailed down.

my golem’s immunity just doesn’t work he gets froze,poisoned and silenced at least not sure about the rest.

I’m confused by poison killing any enemy. Pre 1.08 poison would only take a card down to 1 life but not kill it. Now we have burning which basically does the same thing but states it can actually kill a card. Why have poison and burning if they both do basically the same thing?

Burning does 3 points and wears off. Poison does 1 point and can only be rid of via Cleansing. They aren’t the same.

Poison also damages health directly and does not always damage every turn.

Burining will damage every turn but must go through any remaining armor first.

Just had the same crash twice in a row on PS4. That wouldn’t be such a thing per se, but let me explain a little further.

I was doing 2 tasks, a daily (7 arena wins in a row without losing) and a 2nd (8 arena wins in a row without losing). I had won 6 without a single loss when the 2 crashes occurred. Even though I technically won the match, it counted as lost. After the 2 losses, of course, I was being brought to the rewards screen. Rewards for 6 wins. OK, but the 2 tasks were set back to 0.

Now, I’d really appreciate some form of compensation for the time and effort I invested in vain. I’d be OK with just the compensation for the 2 tasks being completed (3000 gold for the 7 win, 10 gems for the 8 win). And, if possible, to remove at least the 8 win arena match from my list of tasks as, to be honest, I am not going to play the arena again until this problem has been fixed. The daily task will change soon enough anyway.

If you need more details, please let me know.

Looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance.