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Game Crashing with new update - Xbox [INVESTIGATING]

Perfect. Thank you!

Can we please please please have this issue sorted? Trying to take part in this weeks Raid Boss and constant crashing during matches means I’m losing all of my sigils.


If it were every time, if it were all the time, my solution would be to uninstall three times and reinstall twice.

But there are times when I can play for hours without interruption. And then there are times like this morning, when I get frozen five times in 4 hours.

That’s not including the times I get kicked due to poor Internet. Before the Dec update, I could just ride those out, and wait to hit “Retry” once the Internet came back. Now, it’s 50/50. Not exactly, I don’t keep track.

But the five times in 4 hours, that’s on Gems. Because I log in, go to collect tributes, and get kicked before I can. Internet is fine, and still kicked. 5 times, 4 hours. It’s like they know I’d prefer to play other games, and are punishing me for it. I still want my tributes.

Edit: I officially uninstalled WoT this week when I got an offer for a Games with Gold game I hadn’t played in years. And now in May, I hear Mass Effect is having a retro bundle come out; an excellent opportunity for me to right the wrongs of the past, and undo my decision on Vormire. I’ll play the wait and see game as to which what to uninstall in May.

And now I’m realizing my rant would be better placed in a Feature Request. Apologies.

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Been kicked all over the place today. Sign in, go to guild…kicked. Sign in, go to guild…kicked. Sign in, start PvP match,kicked. Sign in, open chat…kicked. Lost count how many times I’ve been kicked out of the game today. I’m going to kick the game :rage:


There was a chat maintenance some hours ago, which looks more than a termination now.
Very bad timing to do that in the Tower of Doom week. Chance was under 10%, similar to the KI RNG here :partying_face:

Maybe “insert 5.4 now” :face_with_monocle: