Game Crashes Randomly

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Since 1.0.8, I get random crashes. Not that big a deal in general since I can relaunch the game just fine, just as usual very damaging in the Arena, for it grants an automatic loss.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Play the game and, uh, it crashes. It happened while doing all kind of different stuff, from battling to being in the shop or in the troop menu. I’ve tried to wait for a while doing absolutely nothing else and staying on the game window, to no avail, even 10 minutes later.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

I did take two, although I’m not sure they will help much. I’m just super careful to take screenshots now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please note that I play on Steam, using Windows 7 Ultimate, and that on the first screenshot I had Zoom Player running (though it didn’t crash), and both times Firefox was also open in the background (and didn’t crash either). Not sure it’s relevant, but it can’t hurt to give extra info just in case.

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Have you notice any patterns when it crashes?

is it more likely to crash in the middle of a battle?
Crashes more when playing PVP or Arena?
Has it crashed outside of a battle?

I haven’t played any PvP since the patch hit. I only played the Arena.
In the first screenshot, it crashed at the very end of the battle, while it was loading back to the Arena menu. In the second one, I was still at the beginning of the battle.
It also crashed while upgrading a troop, while visiting the shop, and once while I was looking at Zaejin Kingdom Power tab. I didn’t take any screenshots these other times though.
I didn’t notice a specific pattern. That’s why I called them random. But there might be something I didn’t notice. I’ll see if it happens again.

I was having this happen last night as well. Just started freezing up. Sometimes I could wait for a minute and it’d come back, other times not (or I’d give up). No pattern I could detect.

Was just tucking my daughters into bed and walked away while the game was just sitting on the map screen. When I returned it had gone to windowed mode and the window was off centre of the screen. Shut it down and restarted the game.

Mine always chrashes after devending, the first one goes fine if i wanna do a second one it always crashes. By defending i mean revenge

We’re aware of this issue. The best means to avoid it currently is after completing a revenge battle, return to the world map (before going into the revenge screen). Once you go back to the the revenge battle it shouldn’t crash.

It’s annoying having the extra steps, but it seems to stop the game crashing on revenges until we can get a fix out.

I’m playing on iPad and yes it is constant crash after the defending battle. It just locked and freeze the screen. Only thing can do is to quit ans wipe out from the screen and reseat the game. It is quite annoying to do the same things over and over again. Also sometimes entire game freeze and I had to reset iPad it’s self to restart. :scream:

I’m experiencing similar random crashes since the patch as @Archenassa reported. Sometimes, it’s right after a battle (mostly in Arena), other times it’s right in the middle of it, and it can also happen when I just have the game open but I’m not on any particular screen, though a bit less frequently.

What’s particularly problematic is that when the game crashes during an Arena battle, it counts as a Loss.

Questions for PC players getting crashes:
Have you been switching between Gems and other programs?
How long have you been playing when the crash occurs?

We have sent a fix to Apple + Google to be hopefully be approved before they shut down for the holidays but it is only a slim chance. As I said in my previous post, there’s a work around by return to the World Map before going into the Revenge screen a second time.

[quote=“Nimhain, post:10, topic:2065”]
Questions for PC players getting crashes:Have you been switching between Gems and other programs?[/quote]
All the time. Basically, I use it in the same way as Arch: I have Windows 7, GoW is always in windowed mode and I typically Alt+Tab between it, FireFox and Zoom Player, mostly. I either listen to music or watch a video in the background while playing. Steam itself is also usually open in its own window as well. However, I rarely noticed a crash right after switching back and forth; it usually happens when GoW has been in the foreground for a while.

It varies a lot; sometimes 2 minutes, other times hours. I don’t really notice a pattern there.

Something else that comes to mind: we might be rolling 2 or 3 similar issues into one, so I’ll detail a bit more:

1/ GoW stops responding unexpectedly. About half the time when it does, minimizing it or switching to another window and then going back to it makes it respond again (for me at least, I think Archenassa is a bit less lucky with that).

This is also true just for background stuff such as my hourly Tribute getting available. If I leave my computer running with GoW as the active window for hours, the tribute coin animation won’t be blinking on my Home Kingdom when I come back. I have to move to another window and then back to GoW to sort of wake it up, then there is the Skull loading animation, and then the coins appear.

2/ In some cases (for me, vs most cases for Arch), when 1/ happens, even switching back and forth won’t wake up the program. Eventually, a Ctrl+Alt+Del will be the only way out of “not responding”.

3/ Sometimes, the game just crashes and vanishes altogether. The window outright disappears on its own, as though we had clicked on the X to close it.

I hope this helps. Thanks for looking into this.

Sometimes, not always.

Anywhere from 5 mn to over an hour.

This is getting seriously annoying. I keep losing Arena matches and treasure maps on this bug. Not fun. :cry:

Same problem and same answers.
I also have Windows 7.

See above, only I’m on Windows 10 (and its typically more than 5 minutes but I’m sure its happened at some point).

I’ve also noticed some symptoms of a memory leak when I go into the task manager.

Same here. Just happened 10 minutes ago while loading a PVP defend.

I just had the game freeze when I hit with true-shot skulls. Was not a direct hit from the Skeleton’s ability. I was defending, if that makes a difference. Screenshot below - easy grab since its frozen … had to exit to fix.

I think this belongs here rather than in this other thread but I could be wrong.

I actually had 5 loses now in PvP from this happening. Have only lost 3 times myself, but shows as 8 now. … Since the new patch for XB1, I haven’t had to shut down and reboot to fix anything, but there is still some awfully long waits for it to come back. And not just during battles. Just simply putting teams together can be a major pain. Each time you click on a team number and then close it to choose another, there is a 7 to 10 second wait, if you’re lucky, but sometimes takes nearly a minute for it to start responding again? (You can spend a whole lot of time waiting while just trying to setup multiple troop sets!)

This, and it seems to lag quite a but during battles as well, which doesn’t help and is not smooth at all. And the occasional ghosting all over the screen after a hit is also annoying. And it stays there until the match is done. :(frowning: you can barely see through it sometimes. … Hope it gets fixed soon.

Not really a crash per say, but if I attempt more than one Revenge game in a row it will hang up when trying to access the second revenge battle. I have to close the app and restart. Using iOS, iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 (yay Xmas!)

We’re aware of this particular issue and have a fix (which is currently out on Steam), unfortunately we missed the cut off date to try and get the fix out before Apple closed for the holidays.

Twice today I’ve had it crash (straight back to iPhone 5s homescreen) after winning a battle, but just before the traitstone that is usually won appears. It occurred after PvP battles.

I can relaunch, and it looks as though the proper amount of gold has been awarded, but cannot easily keep track of so many different traitstones to see if one did appear, or indeed whether it was the small % of times when no traitstone is given.

Of course, I can only assume that I have lost out of Runic and/or Arcane traitstones as they have literally dried up over the past 24 hours (otherwise the low % of getting them, must be a result of an accidental tweak down… :smirk: )