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Game crash when reaching mastery 30 and gaining new weapon

I’ve never posted on here before so apologise if this is a known issue. Couldn’t find it in those already listed.

On PS4, I recently obtained my first mastery of 30 which was in red. As soon as I selected 30 red mastery, the game crashed, posted an error message (sorry didn’t record what it was, was only up for a second). Think it said something like it was trying to resolve the issue with a task bar, then it returned me to the PS4 lobby. When I reopened GOW, I went into the Hero menu and checked the weapons and found I had received Summer’s Fury. Weirdly, I also have the Daily Task of Earn a new weapon available and this did not complete.

I have now obtained my second level 30 mastery in brown today and again the game crashed in the same way. Again the Daily Task of Earn a new weapon remains incomplete, and when I check the weapons in the Hero menu, I’ve acquired Mountain Crusher.

I don’t remember what game mode I had been playing when I obtained the level 30 on red mana, but for level 30 on brown, I had been playing Explore mode.

Just crashed again when I hit 20 mastery on blue. Same thing, reopen the game, I have earned Shadowbringer and earn new weapon challenge is incomplete.

Happened again at next 20 mastery. Uploading a screenshot of the error message this time (CE-84878-0).Error

Hi @Draco1! I’m really sorry for the delayed response. For this type of issue, I’d recommend contacting support through our ticketing system at this link in the future :slight_smile:

That said, I’ve adjusted your task to gain a weapon to be a different task, so you shouldn’t be receiving your crash any longer. We’ll be sending out the task completion reward in your mail.

Thank you! I’ll go through the ticketing system next time! :slight_smile:

I have a very similar issue. Please fix.