FULL! (30/30) Geminy Crickets (100 rank) is recruiting. We have Discord!

We are Geminy Crickets!

We are level 317 and rank 100.
We are GrandMaster I with a 300% daily gold bonus just for being in the guild.
Minimum Requirements are 100k and 100 trophies a week. 3+ days of inactivity on the roster and you’re booted unless I know about something going on like vacations etc. (Our players all play daily anyway most of the time)
Level 100+ preferred. I will consider lower if you feel you can meet the requirements.
We have a very friendly group and are looking forward to having you join us!
We have Discord and though that is not a requirement to have (it does make it easier to talk if chat is down or you can’t log on the game) we do want people who will participate in chat and check in for guild activities.
If you are at all interested in our guild and want to come and talk to some of the members you are welcome to join us on our Discord server. https://discord.me/Geminy-CricketsGOW

We hit 37k+ seals weekly and complete 5+ tasks a week. We will have guild events where we have a week long push to hit 40k seals. During those weeks the gold requirements change as incentive for the seal push. Players who can hit 1.5k seals are preferred. We have also started hitting legendary tasks.

If you have any questions feel free to message me on the thread here or private message me.
We do have members from all over the world but the main language spoken is English. Please, keep this in mind when considering joining us.

The requirements that are listed above are the bare minimum. Anyone who is able to meet more than those listed requirements WILL be given top priority when the positions open up.


I and my wife we’re looking for an active guild with good and friendly enviroment. We’re active players. Bellow our status:

. Nickname: Blizz Shadow
. Level: 259;
. Kingdoms: 24 (all level 10);

. Nickname: kmillafiamore10
. Level: 186;
. Kingdoms: 24 (all level 10);

We would like to know:

. How much active players have in your guild?
. How much gold your guild achieve each week?

We’re now in a guild that becomed inactive. So if you will invite us after our conversation, let me know to we leave the guild.

Sorry for my poor english. We’re from Brazil and our native language isn’t english.

Was a pleasure and we’re waiting for you answer.

Best Regards.

Blizz Shadow

Hi Blizz,

Sorry for the delay in a reply, (very busy 2 days for me IRL). We are active. I am in the process of starting the 100k a week amounts so we are in the middle of turnovers from that. Officially it starts Monday but I’m recruiting people with those terms so that there’s no confusion later. I kick inactive players after 6+ days with no word of why and every Sunday by 10 pm Central US time players that have not met the other weekly requirements are booted.

Currently we have 23 players only 2 of which are 3 days inactive and I know both of them in person. I’m the guild master and I’ve had the guild for going on 6 months now and I’ve been playing for nearly a year.
I track the guild activity with the guild manager program that another player came up with on the forums here.
On average most of my members have been donating between 50-100k a week but those numbers will be going up with the new requirements. We have several players who have nearly maxed out the kingdoms or have already. I personally have donated over 5 million gold to the guild. There will probably be a few more players who will leave due to the higher requirements but I am planning for that and working on re-building back up to 30.
You and your wife are welcome to join us if you would both like to. I have quite a few players from outside the US :). Send me your invite codes if you’re interested in joining us.

Hi @brightcookie

Thank you very much for your reply. We’re very happy.

We already left the our oldest guild and we’re waiting for your invite.

Our invite code:

. Blizz Shadow
. Kmillafinamore10

Best wishes.

Blizz Shadow

I sent the invites. Thanks for joining us :slight_smile: Let me know if it didn’t go through for some reason.

Hi @brightcookie

We already accept. Thank you very much for invite us :slight_smile:

I would like to request one think. We’ll start donate from tomorrow (Monday), because this week we already made our donation to oldest guild. It’s possible?

Best Wishes.

Blizz Shadow

Yep. . Replied in Guild chat.

If anyone is interested in joining us please feel free to send me a message. If you’re below level 100 but feel you can keep up with the requirements listed above, I’m more than willing to give you a chance. Feel free to reply on here or PM me. I check for replies often. Thanks! For the record, I am the GM and even while on vacation log in every day.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me here or in pm. We are still recruiting.

We still have open slots so don’t worry if you felt that maybe the opportunity to join us passed you by! Just send me a PM or leave me a message here.

Got kicked out of your old guild because you were just shy of reaching your minimum requirements? If you were at at least 100k and 100 trophies a week and can keep your activity roster at less than 6 days active then maybe Geminy Crickets is the guild for you! Send me a PM or drop a line here with your invite code or if you have any questions.

PM replied.

We have room if you are looking for a new guild to join. Send me a PM or message me on here if you are interested.

Pm replied. Thanks for joining us!

We’ve had a few PMs already but still have slots available.


I’m interested in joining your Guild.

Since the 2.1 update, I’m looking for an active Guild.

I’m lvl 430, all kingdom lvl 10.
I at least log in every day and I at leat go to tier 1 of PvP rank every week.

My invite code is SCHASCHA.

Sure thing! Invite sent. Thanks for joining us! :slight_smile:

I m searching for an active guild and your guild seems to be perfect for me :blush:
My lvl - 101 for this moment , logging in every day, already playing like for two months, so I hope I can join your guild
Invite code - KELLY_57

Sure thing. I will send you an invite right now. Thanks for joining us!

Hey, looking for a new guild as of the newest patch. My old guild was very inactive.

Level 182
Invite Code TYDING
Just recently acquired a fairly solid pvp team, so that helps with keeping active when you feel you’ve got a decent chance vs even level 500+ opponents. :}

I’ll send you an invite now (well as soon as I finish my current fight). Thanks for joining! :slight_smile: