Level 520 looking for active guild (Closed)

Hello, my former guild sort of dissolved I guess, and I am looking for a new one.

I can contribute 350k - 500k gold a week, ~800 seals a week (will push for more on Mythic weeks to help get to 40k), and ~100 trophies a week.

If your guild is interested in having me, and think I will fit in, my invite code is ‘AZAZELL ZYMMER’


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You’re welcome to join mine if you would like to. Geminy Crickets. FULL! (30/30) Geminy Crickets (100 rank) is recruiting. We have Discord! Just let me know! I sent you an invite if you are interested in taking a look at us.

Drums Of Thunder is recruiting

Drums Of Thunder A New Guild Master!

I was able to find a guild, but I appreciate the offer :slight_smile:

It is indeed a title.

I have found a guild already, but thank you for the offer :slight_smile:

Lol. Thank you and happy gaming! Lucky guild!

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Thank you for letting me know. Good luck with your new guild. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Good luck to you too!

Just keep me in mind when you get tired of that mean nasty GM of yours. The things I’ve heard about her! Like this one… uh oh Mariana is listening isn’t she?
Shouts back as I’m running out the door “just kidding!” :grin:

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Yes she is, bwahahaha

Okay, hehe. :slight_smile: