FULL! (30/30) Geminy Crickets (100 rank) is recruiting. We have Discord!

Thanks for speedy reply!

NP Invite incoming. :slight_smile:

Still have open slots? I can meet the requirements

Sure thing @Barnabys I can send you an invite as soon as you leave your current guild.

Done! Do you use line or anything? Or just rely on in game chat?

Invite sent! We mostly use in-game chat, but I’m open to new ideas.

Thanks for joining us @Barnabys!

Hey I am interested in your guild if you still have room. I am lvl 122, not maxed on kingdoms yet but can easily hit your minimum requirements and then some. Just looking for a more active home :wink:
My invite code is shaner1074 If you have room. Thank you.

Sure thing! I’ll be home in about 15 minutes to send the invite. My mobile won’t send it. Keep getting errors.

Invite is sent. Thanks for joining us!

Awesome, thank you :slight_smile: after work I’ll accept it.

Np. Let me know if it doesn’t go through for some reason and I’ll resend it.

Still have room but we are filling up fast. Let me know if you want to join!

Step right up and put your name in to join us!

Thanks Spellsmith for joining us! Still have a chance to join us if you are in need of a guild. :slight_smile:

All are welcome (if you meet the requirements)

Only 2 spots left!

We still have 1 spot available.

Level 250. All kingdoms level 10. VIP 5. No problem with your requirements. Invite code BALDRED

Sending an invite now