Frenzy Triggers Off Each Point of Split Damage

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
The thread title is self-explanatory. You hit it for 13 damage, it gains 13 attack.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Use anything with split damage against anything with the Frenzy trait. i.e. Rowanne vs Berserker.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Sadly no.

Is it each time they’re hit or for every point of damage? The former makes sense to me; I’d expect multiple hits, even for 1 or of damage each, to proc it each time.

This has already been reported.

So let’s report it again, and get it higher up the bug fix list!

I am also seeing this, as also making use of Rowanne right now…

Ah. So it has. My mistake.

Good to know it’s other split damage too, and not just me.

I never did hear if this is how split damage is suppose to work, or not. I assume not, but it may be a good barrier counter.

Yeah, as I said on the other thread, it used not to do this, so I expect it was made like this to counter barrier (though I never checked it does only “waste” one damage on barrier). And maybe the repeated proc of Frenzy are just an unwanted side effect of this. No official answers though, so it’s just a wild guess

Why should it counter barrier in that way though on purpose, i mean what would be the justification for it?
Split damage already is naturally strong against barrier, and after the recent changes to magic and spells very strong in general, i don’t see a justification for it to artificially be made even more of a counter to barrier.

I think this is just a bug altogether somehow related to the way the random damage is distributed to the troops, maybe they changed the coding for it to make the distribution more even or for whatever other reason, and that caused this bug.

Split damage is negated fully by barrier though!

I’m using Rowanne a lot now… And meeting Celestasia with her third trait a lot… Say I cast Rowanne and there’s four enemies… Celestasia gets allocated say 15 damage… Then the golden shield icon for barrier flashes as it breaks, but she takes no damage…

The only one’s I’ve seen get past barrier are where there’s two separate spell ‘shot’ animations, like the two hits from Hobgoblin or Druid… (Or occasionally an AoE spell that bypasses barrier by mistake!)

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That sounds like working as intended then just leaving the “natural” strength of split damage versus barrier which is the relatively small opportunity cost to crack a barrier compared to single target damage or skull damage.