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Frenzy goes frenzy (video: bug)

Hey i recorded this for the devs, frenzy somehow goes insane to the max when you use a rowanne bitchslap on someone with it, that is i dont know if it happens to all cards but atleast the twinfangusingwhateveritsnameis card did, also dont know if its only with a buff rowanne or with all rowanne attacks?

Ohwell, heres the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHdSwr5IXQY

Hope you (devs) can use this.

Nice video. It happens with any of the split damage attacks.

I don’t think we ever heard if that was the intended interaction or a bug. I know I think it’s a bug.

I am pretty sure it’s a bug. In interaction with barrier it only destroys the barrier, but does no damage, and frenzy triggering multiple times would imply that damage is being delivered multiple number of times. If that was true then the barrier should be destroyed on the first instance of damage, and the troop should receive the remaining portion of damage that triggers afterwards. It’s either interacting bad with either frenzy or the barrier.

I see, interesting. Well i hope the devs manage to fix it.