Free Daemon Hunter Bundle on Mobile/PC this week

For the next 7 days (16-23 September), logging in on iOS, Android, and PC will give you a free Daemon Hunter Bundle, valued at $10, in your game mailbox.

You get the following:

  • Our new epic troop, Desdaemona
  • 10 Gem Keys
  • 1000 Souls

Why? Because you’re all awesome! :grinning:


Thats pretty random. Fair play

Thanks dev. Love free stuff as always. Keep up the good work. Love you.

I love this troop design so much! She’s great against Famine, Moloch, Gorgotha, and very strong against yellow and Daemons. (Plus I love her art.)

A shame we have to wait until a Blighted Lands event week comes around to fully ascend her, but it’s awesome to get her “early” (and as a free gift! Our devs are best devs)!


Love you Devs! I was pleasantly surprised how useful she is for a free troop. She is pretty awesome.

Yes gotta say she’ll be a great troop against the innumerable Daemons that abound. Her art is fantastic also, right on par with Mercy in my opinion.

It feels like the troop art is highly inspired by characters from other games I played.

F.e Castanic in TeraOnline:

or even Female Kamael in my truly loved game Lineage 2:

Just everytime I look at Desdaemona it brings to me fantastic memories :smiley:

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I see clear parallels to this:

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For the irony, the less the armor covers the higher the armor rating :laughing:

Awesome! Thanks for the free stuff!

GoW Devs continue to show why you are the best in the biz!

Love the Guild update as well, just, FYI :wink:

are we going to get her on console (when she will be released) for free also?

10 free Gem Keys alone is pretty cool. That’s $10 right there!

(Also, this just made me realize how skewed my perception of the in-game economy is after the obscene amount of rewards we’ve been getting from guild tasks. I was guessing 100 Gems was maybe $5 and they did some weird math to value the Epic higher than players would. Turns out I’m sitting on $800-ish worth of gems, gem keys, and event keys right now with nothing to spend them on…)

Isn’t it strange that the daemon hunter is herself a daemon?

Isn’t better? She know their anatomy? :slight_smile:

@Sirrian and @Nimhain, is it expected that Des doesn’t have her own attack sound effect? She uses a very generic one that has no voiceover or other distinctive sound.

There’s two sound effects named “Layla_Select.mp3” and “Layla_Spell.mp3” that seem like they’d be a perfect fit for her. (I guess these are used for Avina, but they could work for Des just as well!)

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Meg Ryan…

Layla by Eric Clapton? Love that song, I approve.

Yes, very helpful. pat


I assumed it was the classic “hunter who is itself part what it is hunting.” Pretty common trope (e.g., Blade, the half-vampire vampire hunter).

Has anyone had a problem cashing in their keys? I tried and got a message saying this was not available and my keys were gone