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[FOUND, thanks!] Level 1122 derpy gamer-girl (maybe) looking for a new guild

EDIT: Found a new guild, search is over! Thank you so much for your help, everyone!

So, hi.:flushed:

I am tentatively looking for a new guild. However, I’m not sure if there’s a guild that meets my wishes besides the one I’m in right now, so I wanted to check what’s going on in other guilds.
Please post the requirements of your guild here if you want to offer instead of PMing me, I like things being visible and fair for everyone.

What I can offer:

  • Level 1122.
  • 1500 seals/week.
  • 500k+ gold/week (usually around 500-700k).
  • Daily Guild Wars participation.
  • If required, sentinels up to level 2 (I prefer to ignore them, but eh.)
  • Around 150 trophies, 200 or so if I absolutely have to.
  • All kingdoms at level 10, at least five stars (most at 6-8).

What I can’t offer:

  • Spending gems on sentinels.
  • 300+ trophies. I hate PVP with a passion.
  • Super-good GW results. My best result was 40k in bracket 7. I lack a lot of mythics since I play only since August. Also I guess I don’t care enough, maybe? I do my best, but PVP is just not my thing.
  • Discord.

What I’m looking for in a guild:

  • English-speaking.
  • 40k chests on a regular basis, especially during mythic weeks.
  • 10+ Legendary tasks.
  • No discord channel or at least not being required to join one. The forum is enough out-of-game gametalk for me.
  • Mature people who don’t talk like 14-year-old wannabe rappers in guild chat.

Stuff about me:

  • I’m from Germany and online at weird times. I speak German (obviously) but prefer to speak English.
  • I play only on PC/Steam and don’t own a smartphone, so I’m not online all day (sadly).
  • I’m female and 32 years old. I might be boring to talk to?
  • I like talking about bunnies and ingame lore.
  • I like hanging out in explore and farming arcanes, but usually trait weird troops no one else uses.
  • I have bad RNG luck when it comes to chests.
  • My favourite troops are Khorvash and Ysabelle.
  • I actually don’t care about GW at all, but do my duties. Just don’t expect me to be super-excited about discussing strategies or anything. PVP is just stressful for me in general and I don’t like being stressed when playing a game.
  • I am actually not super-chatty in guild chat, but say something ever so often.
  • I’m not really a bunny, don’t be fooled by my avatar.:sushing_face:

So, uh, any offers? I might decline them all; my current guild isn’t bad by any means and the people in there are really nice, there’s just so many problems lately. What I’m looking for in a guild is basically what my current guild usually matches as minimum. Currently my guild only has 100T as a requirement, no sentinels, gives a crap about GW and no discord, which is super-awesome and a guild offering likewise would fit me best, but I’m willing to up my work at least a bit if I end up with a guild with less issues than my current one.

If you have any questions about me, ask.

I don’t want to come off as rude, but you really don’t make yourself look good with this post. You say you want a guild, but you might decline every offer? That’s a bit strange to me, not to mention the fact that you want a 10+ LT guild, but are only willing to donate 500-700k? I’m really not trying to come off as boastful or anything, but I donate 1-3 million to my guild a week, depending on whether I’m traitstone farming, or chasing the PvP leaderboard. What I’m getting at is maybe you might want to rethink your approach to your ad, because as it stands it comes off as half-hearted.


Hey, I totally understand where you come from.
The thing is that I asked in world chat and got a million offers, but all were like “I want you to join us, but you need discord” or “Yeah, join us, but you need to level sentinels to level 3” and I was like “Nope, sorry, I told you I don’t do that.” That’s what I mean. I am fully willing to accept an offer which falls into what I am looking for, but if people end up saying “Yeah, we want you, but only if you do X or Y” when I have clearly stated I won’t, I will obviously decline.

Also I’m not sure what you are talking about, I’m currently in a guild with a 400k gold requirement and we hit 10 LTs a week. Of course some donate more - I do, within the limit I gave above -, but we also have a lot of slackers who don’t meet the requirements (one of the reasons why I want to switch; not much is done against these guys in my guild).

I did not mean to make a half-hearted ad, I made an honest ad. What good is it if I say I will definitely join another guild to get more offers if all offers are - for me - worse than the guild I’m current in? Then I’m unhappy and I doubt the guild would then be happy with me, either. Especially if I also lie about my weekly contributions.

My current guild has a 400k/800S/100T requirement, no discord, no sentinel level rule, GW is required but there’s no score one needs to meet. Last week - holiday week - we got 10 LTs done. LTs were never a problem. I like the requirements of my guild and am looking for a guild with similiar requirements (some may be higher, as I said in what I am willing to contribute), but hope for a guild where everyone is meeting them and not just some and where people actually collect their seals so that the 40k chest is met. The problem in my guild is the chest, not the LTs. So I never found the LTs an issue at all. What I’m looking for in a guild are basically the things I currently have plus the 40k chest (hence a higher seal requirement is preferred) and a GM who takes care of people not meeting the requirements for weeks.

If there is no guild offering that, that’s okay, too. That’s why I wanted to check before leaving my guild.


It is a bit tough to meet all of your requirements. Most the the guilds which hit 40k seals and LTs are competitive guilds which require a high level of commitment. Your preferred game play is more of that of a casual guild and there are very few casual guilds which do 40k seals and 10+ LTs.

If you are interested, I can offer you a spot in Sushi Bar, one of the oldest casual guilds in GoW. We currently do about 30k seals a week and complete about 3 tasks.

The only guild requirements are 1000 seals per week and 15 GW battles. We don’t expect guild members to win their battles; just taking part and doing your best is fine. Other than this, there are no requirements. In another words,

You don’t have to do PVP to get trophies if you don’t want to.
You don’t have to get discord.
You don’t have to upgrade Sentinels so you can save on gems and other resources.
You don’t even have to discuss strategies or chat if you don’t want to.

Our guild membership comprise mainly of mature adults with families, jobs and kids. If you are interested, drop me a pm.

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Hey, thanks for the offer! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I have to decline - that’s far less than I currently get. I don’t mind doing 150 trophies or so, either, since I get them automatically through GW and reaching tier 1 in PVP. And sometimes, my guild does hit 40k in the chest - it just happens not very often.

I remember you approaching me before (since I cannot play as much as I used to because of the particles) and if I ever want a truly casual guild, I’ll totally keep you in mind. But right now, as I still lack so many troops and am constantly out of glory, I depend on LTs quite a bit and less than the ~10 LTs my current guild manages is not really cutting it for me.

Once the point comes when I have most troops (especially GW troops and guild chest troops) and mythics, I am definitely all for dropping into a more casual guild, but right now, I depend on these things too much to be able to afford being in a casual guild.

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No worries. That’s actually a lot of our current member base. After getting most of the mythics, most people want to slow down and not play so intensely any more. Also with the LT nerf, the reward to effort ratio is not really there. Drop me a pm when you want to slow down.

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Would that more recruits were as up front as you and more recruiters were less inclined to just take anyone to fill a spot knowing very well the recruit isn’t a good fit and will either leave or get kicked shortly after joining.

Here’s our recruitment thread - you won’t fit Black Dragon because of discord/sentinels/GW but you’d easily fit both 30 Secs 2 Match and Gems of the Ostfront. 30 Secs might have an opening at end of week but not 100% sure yet but GotO definitely does.

@Flatulenzio can say where they typically fall on seals in GotO (I know they easily hit 20k not sure how often 40k). 30 Secs probably hits 40k 4 out of 5 weeks at this point.

Downside is going to be LTs. I’ll echo others that if LTs are your primary goal you’re probably going to be staying where you’re at if you’re not looking for a more competitive guild. GotO I believe is normally in the 1-2 range and 30 Secs is in the 2-6 range. We’re both fairly drama free and both growing in what we accomplish weekly.

No hard feelings if not interested, but if you are feel free to hit myself or @Flatulenzio up with questions or follow ups.

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Thank you for your reply! (And thanks for saying that it’s good that I was honest; I was a bit intimidated after the first reply I had gotten, eep.)

Right now, my goal is indeed to get mythics - I have, unless I’m forgetting someone, seven so far: Aurora, Ketras, Draakulis, Elemaugrim, Yasmine’s Chosen, Pharos-Ra and Worldbreaker. No Plague, no Famine, no Infernus. This is obviously causing me issues - and maybe partly the reason why I find PVP so utterly horrible, despite having some decent PVP teams, but GW is a pain.

I have yet to get a mythic through a LT, but I feel like LTs are my best bet at this point, so getting those is at least at the moment more important than getting seals (the simple reason being that my guild guardians are still at epic, so 50% of my chest contents will be guardians for quite some time, making my chance of getting a mythic even from a 40k chest absolutely abysmal; I’m better off focusing on LTs, I feel). My guild hits 20k easily every week, but the 40k are rough.

So at the moment, I think I would rather wait at least a bit longer to see where the current drama in my guild goes to (so far the dedicated members keep working hard and just grumble, but it’s really annoying). If it gets too badly and starts to hit our LT output, then joining your drama-free guild getting fewer LTs done is an option, but the hit at the moment would be too bad for me, I think. We usually have our tasks finished on Monday or Tuesday and then start with the LTs.
Also I’ll keep your recruitment thread bookmarked since you said you guys are growing in what you accomplish weekly - if it gets higher when it comes to LTs, it would likely fit me well. A range of 2-6 is not that bad, but I would prefer at least around 8 since that seems to be the minimum of what my guild gets at the moment. But yeah, the rewards have been low, but sometimes it’s a couple hundred Glory and then I’m already happy because Glory is hard to get for someone who hates PVP.:sweat_smile:

It’s really the mythic-hunt at the moment. RNG didn’t smile upon me with Skadi and I saved every single gem and key for her and I got nothing out of it… it’s hard to get old mythics if the new ones don’t even come to you after tons of VIP chests.:frowning:

Honestly, I would just stop looking right now. It takes 15,660,000 gold to complete the regular tasks, which means an average of 522,200 gold per player in a full guild. If you’re only expecting to donate about that much per week, then you shouldn’t be expecting to get 10 LTs on a regular basis. If that’s what you’re getting at your current guild and you want to keep it, don’t leave, lol. You’re getting more than you’re putting in, you’re in a good spot.
I mean, it’s good you’re being honest - like with job interviews, if either side is misrepresenting what they expect/offer, neither will be happy when the wrong person gets hired. But what that sounds like to me is “I offer X and expect X * 2 in return”. Fair enough, but you’re not gonna get guilds fighting over you >_>

Our guild is currently full and it wouldn’t be a match for your needs anyway, but some suggestions:

  • I wouldn’t worry too much about 40k seals. It’s nice, our guild reaches it every couple of weeks, but I’ve never gotten a mythic out of it and very few legendaries. You’re better off with even just the extra keys from LTs IMO.
  • The only way we get 40k seals (our requirement is 500s), is by kicking ass in GW. The bonus seals from daily wins really help - if you’re maxing out your seals outside of GW, collect the mails from the daily wins at the end of the week, that way you can get more than 1500 seals per week (up to 300 extra seals per week if you win all 6 days). Get other players to do the same and maybe you can make 40k together.
  • Consider rethinking your “no gems on sentinels” stance. The guild gets you a good amount of gems each week with tasks, why is it so unthinkable to spend some gems on helping everyone do better in GW? I max out the magic sentinel, it’s only 85 gems/week which still leaves me with 305 gems left from tasks and more from GW weekly rewards.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your insight; I had really no idea how many LTs other guilds do. Most guilds have some minimum requirements listed, but then also state that “most people do much more”, which basically tells me that I’m also expected to do much more, so some sort of silent requirement that’s not listed. So this was very much checking things out here.

My guild once had a 500k/1200S/100T requirement, then the GM got ill (since months) and lowered the requirements and ever since then, seals plummeted and slackers happened a lot. But the old crew is still chugging along and yeah, we do have some people spending 2-3mil each week on the guild. I spent one million once or twice before as well (during the Moa event, where even I was in PVP…), but as I make most gold through explore, I just don’t have the amount the PVP crew has.

Also it’s super-important to hear that the chests don’t drop mythics that well. I heard they were like gem chests once guardians stop dropping, but I guess that was an exaggeration then.

My guild really doesn’t kick ass in GW since most of us don’t give a crap. We lost all battles this week so far.:rofl: So bonus seals don’t happen often… and a lot of people don’t even collect their normal seals for reasons I cannot comprehend.
Still, I was not aware that I was actually really lucky when it comes to LTs. This is the first active guild I’m in, so I guess I simply lack any means of comparision ingame so far.

As for sentinels, I just don’t find them helpful. They don’t make much of a difference in my own battles, that’s for sure (it’s not like I never tried). Also they are temporary - if the buffs would be permanent, I wouldn’t mind spending a few hundred gems on them to get them leveled for good. But like things are and with my guild not caring about GW in general, I rather open a few VIP chests more.

I’m grateful for the help, at any rate.:slight_smile: It appears staying in my guild and weathering the drama is truly the best option, even though it aggravates me sometimes.

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I would disagree with this sentiment. Obviously RNG has a lot to do with it but I’ve gotten most of the last couple mythics from guild chests (of course my guardians are maxed so that helps). I fully agree there’s no reason a guild has to hit 40k every week. I save all my seals anyway for each new mythic. I always laugh every time a recruit is looking for a 40k every week guild as their major req.

This! I even hold the last 2-3 GW rewards into the following week if we’ve already hit the 40k, especially if it’s a mythic week.


Huh, interesting. Obviously, RNG is a pain as usual.
I admit I kinda raged a bit when Skadi was exclusive, I had blown every gem and key, had 8k seals saved up and my guild was a mile away from the 40k chest… which was what made me want to consider a guild change. I really don’t mind saving seals for some weeks, either, but dang, on mythic weeks, people should at least collect their seals…

Are you guys so close? We often are at 28k-30k or so… I never considered holding my seals (few that I get from GW) since it hardly makes a difference in my eyes.

Well, this thread has been really insightful so far. Thank you guys for your extensive replies, I really appreciate them! :smiley:

GW daily wins can have a big impact on hitting 40k. 30 members x 50 seals = 1500 extra seals. Do that 2-4 times each week. The big benefit is those members who collect after they’ve maxed their 1500 seals for the week, as it’s the only way other than buying seals to contribute more than 1500.

When we miss 40k, it’s usually by only 2-5k. On average we win several GW days each week which typically makes up the difference. We typically roam in brackets 4 & 5 which is enough to get us our 125 gems each week as well. And I know GotO has climbed into bracket 6 this week so they also may be breaking into bracket 5 shortly as well. Don’t have to be in brackets 1 or 2 for some moderate gains.

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Huh. It never seems to make such an impact for us… I guess people just really don’t want seals in our guild and just never collect them from anywhere or something. But makes sense. Man, my guild is weird.

I’m used to bracket 7 with 100 gems and 16 GW troops by now. It’s quite nice and I’m not expecting more for how badly I am doing (though I won 5/0 today, but I have no yellow team - yellow is my worst day - so points were meh but no one cares…).

If you are interested see guild Heroes United. Why have a spot open. Rank 34, bracket 4. In my opinion its a casual guild a good guild

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If think they met your requirements.

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Not too long ago I was trying to find a guild and got lucky. My wishes was to find a guild with the only reqs being gold and guild wars. I got lucky.

The guild I found only req 550k 200T.
But I end up donating a milli… 500T.
And we usually end up doing at least 10 LT.
Prolly more. So it is possible to find what you want. Just gotta keep looking.

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I’d have to disagree with this one. I’ve gotten close to half my mythics from 40K guild chests. So, it does help to have access to the highest level guild chest if chasing mythics is the player’s priority.


Thank you for that hint! I just sent one of their recruiters a PM to ask about some stuff. :slight_smile:

Awesome, glad to hear you got lucky! I’ll keep at it, too - got some great leads by now!

Question purely out of interest: Did you get any of those while guild guardians were still dropping from your chests?

Guild Guardians still drop since you have 4 copies in Mythic of all of them.
Later no more. But remember 4 of everyone in Mythic not before.

I hope it can helps

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