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Forum destroyers

Why is every single thread ruined by some fools accusing each other of stupid stuff?
I love reading random threads but i see alot of this.
Cant those drama queens just find somewhere else to bitch at each other?


I get what your saying, but you just did the same thing


Actually, the OP has a point - and he classified it as offtopic, plus, he didn’t really accuse anyone of stupid things. Derailing threads and personal disagreements do not belong here - and it is an important thing to mention.

That being said - if everyone ignored the Drama queens - they would just disappear. However, there is just no way that would happen. There will always be someone who responds and give the attention.


Don’t feed the trolls!

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just skip those post and never answer them, forums are fine otherwise, lot’s of great, imaginative and passionate folks here.