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[FIXED] Training Battle Crashing

Hello team, we have a few comments here about the game crashing in training battles, but we don’t have much info. Could you please let us know the following?

  • Is there a common troop being used?

  • Is there a particular player people are training against, or is it random?

  • How are you accessing the training battle? (Hero menu, defense team, chat)?

  • Are you all getting Cliffy errors?

  • What platform are you playing?

  • No common troop being used. (I’ve tested it at least 10 times now with different builds and different troops.)

  • Happens no matter what way I access training battles.
    It’s consistent and not random at all.

  • Not sure how to speak for everyone. But I’m getting the error on 2 separate Android devices. Training battles aren’t exactly a popular thing so hard to say how many are actually getting the errors.

  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook V2, & Samsung Galaxy S21+

Video is from the S21+

On Xbox any battle against one’s self causes a Cliffy.

I know some suspect it was a botched “fix” of the bug that allowed people to fight themselves during “hunt” campaign tasks…

Also, please include your invite code.

Got an update already, our team has figured out what is causing this issue. They are working on a fix and are hoping to have it out in a few days. (Depending on whether it’s a server side fix.)

I’ll update you all soon.


This issue should be fixed! Let us know if you continue encountering it.

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