[Fixed] No acces to guild war - nintendo Switch

No acces to guild war on nintendo switch for all guilds.


Yes, we are all having this. Not sure what is happening.

It would be nice to postpone the guild war by one week. Also there is something wrong with weekly event’s ranking. The ranking is by guild and not by players as usual. Another issue to fix ?


Is guild wars happening?


Thank you for reporting this. I have passed this on and reported the issue to the Development Team, they are currently looking into the cause so they get a fix out for this asap.

I’ll also be merging all the other threads about this problem into this thread, so we can have one main thread for this problem.

Thanks again for all the information you’ve all posted on this issue, much appricated!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Nintendo switch operating system:

Thought we had guild wars this week but nope
When opening the guild wars menu it says “you are not involved in the current guild war” as if you haven’t been registered, everyone in chat is also reporting the same problem (knowing they were definitely registered)

Also world event leaderboard has changed
We are scored by guild instead of individual players like the guild war leaderboard. I like this change it’s funner but I’m about 100% sure it’s part of the same bug

It all started with the weekly reset on 28/3/22

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Same here.

Bumping this and tagging @Jeto just in case.

Still can’t go in to add sentinels, defense or do anything.

I’d be okay with a Vault week instead :wink:


Hello, our guild Brave Wolf does not have access to the guild war’s event.

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I can copy this. No GW possible.

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We still don’t have gws activated on switch any issues thx

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Indeed. We are having issues

Nintendo switch world event leader board showing guilds and not players?

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Unregistered for Guild Wars after being registered.
Everyone in my guild, and every other guild I’ve talked to has this issue. It’s platform wide.

What is happening with this?


Happening to me too

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Guild war issue has been solved during the night time it seems ? We are waking up here in France, some of us already at work and no time to set our defenses ! This is not fair.

Nice timing lovely developers!!! Thx :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

And thx for not informing us about the guild war fix :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

:face_exhaling: As I said… not fair…

I’m a polite girl but I must say, I’m thinking quite the same ^^’

I have times where I can be polite. This is not the time I think…