(Fixed in 4.3) Confusing Leap & Submerge

I’m on the latest Gems of War version, Android 9.0.

I was using Ba’el and his Confusing Leap to jumble the enemy team. I found when an enemy is submerged, he isn’t affected. This creates a possibility where 2 troops end up on the same position (see screenshot below).

It can be replicated if you use Confusing Leap enough times against Submerged enemies. It’s random of course.

I don’t know if Submerged should give immunity to this, but I assume not. If it should, then the game should prevent 2 troops from occupying the same position.


Interesting. Submerged troops have immunity to spells targeting the entire team so perhaps you have just identified a potential counter to the troublesome new troop. Having them piled up on 1 spot like 4 waffles would be hilarious. More testing needs to be undertaken at HQ before troops etc go live in future. Way too many bugs, nerfs and ninja ‘fixes’ currently causing headaches for the playerbase

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@Voq are you saying there’s another troop under Astral Spirit or just that Astral Spirit and the Doom didn’t change places?

There is another troop under the doom
More example

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There were 3 total troops. The 3rd troop is under the Doom. That’s why the icons and text look weird. There’s 2 sets.

ok thanks, this will be fixed in the next update (4.3) I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.


Can’t you just remove the faulty troop at the same time as you introduce the new ones at Monday reset? Leaving it in game as it currently operates will be a little more than inconvenient, especially if players are unaware and use it in wars for example on defence.