(Fixed in 4.2) Exalted trophy didn't unlock

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After weeks of trying, today I finally completed the level 500 delve team battle in Crypt Keepers. As you can see from the screenshot this means that Crypt Keepers is fully maxed and the ‘Exalted’ trophy should’ve unlocked. The trophy didn’t unlock and I’ve tried everything I could think of to try and trigger it (upgrading hoard level, playing another delve, restarting the game e.t.c.)
Can I get my trophy, please?


Gaining a level might unlock it.

Wow amazing! May I ask how you completed the delve at such a high level with the delve team? :smile:

hmm. it’s crypt… I’ll take a wild guess and say 3x lady mortana + grave seer

Have you already unlocked it? was previously bugged so when you got 2500 total renown, you got it.

That’s not the case on PS4 as it shows 0.0% of people having unlocked it.
(How the hell do you quote on mobile?)

No clue, i quote on PC via highlighting the text i want to quote. so maybe that? hold down on the text, and move to the stuff u want, and a “quote” button appears near the top of the text.

Yes it does say 0% have unlocked this trophy. I’m sure there is more people who are missing this trophy. Hope you get it sorted :smiley:

Hey @Throsh thanks for opening a bug report here as well as a ticket

It looks like Kafka has opened the conversation with the development team around your ticket there

The team have just put in a fix for this in 4.2. As it is a client issue it can’t be fixed before then. I’ve added it to Known Issues so you can keep up to date there.

When 4.2 releases anyone currently affected by the issue (without the Trophy) or anyone who plans to unlock it will need to Upgrade their Treasure Hoard. This will trigger the renown to recalculate and the Trophy to be registered.

Kafka will follow up on your request @Throsh so I’ll close this thread here

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