(Fixed in 4.2) The Exalted trophy is not doable on PS4 - since all trophies should be doable, this is a bug


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I was expecting a trophy added to the game to be doable - given that no-one on PS4 has the Exalted trophy - maximum renown in a single faction, and sufficient time has gone by since it’s introduction for higher level players to get the trophy, this must count as a bug.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I have been trying with a pure faction team in Crypt Keepers on level 500 using four Lady Morana’s (and other variations of the four available troops) with my treasure Hoard at level 204 but with the excessive stats of the opposition, the ease with which the enemy gets all its mana while I struggle to get mine, the skull drop spam, and the poor success rate on Lady Morana’s instant kill (and the incredible luck that is needed to get enough instant kills to kill out three teams in a row) this trophy is just not doable.

Steps to make it happen again
Play a game as described above on PS4 and you’ll see it’s not doable.

Please check that the trophy will unlock when requirements are met;
Please check that Lady Morana boost off purple gems is working as written on the troop, i.e. that it adds the double the purple gems on the board + 10 to the chance of an instant kill when it is cast.


No… just no.

Bug Report is not the way to give feedback.


I have tried other posts under feature requests without getting any response from a dev … imho, if a trophy is so ridiculously hard that no one can do it, that’s a bug

EDIT: Others have done the requirements and the trophy didn’t pop, so this is officially a bug.


Not all trophies are possible to do instantly once it was released. Some are harder and take some times to do it, like Xethanos thophy. Delve itself is not even 3 months old yet. Why the rush?

Also, there are 6 players already who get this achievement, and this only count players who give out their info. I’m sure there are much more players who got it, but don’t have online appearance. Info about which platfrom they’re on doesn’t even matter to the discussion.

Also, writing false Bug Report to get attention is abusing the system. You can’t do this, because if you get away with it, more players will create one about unable to get Dawnbringer by playing for a one full week. Can’t you see how ridiculous is that?


The trophy actually is glitched as I did it a few days ago and it didn’t unlock…


That’s true. I’ve seen your report. Most achievements actually have that problem and can only be gained after restarting/leveling up/getting new troops.

But that’s not the point of this “Bug Report”, isn’t it? It’s a complain about how he can’t beat Level 500 with Faction team, which is not the game’s fault at all.


I wouldn’t put a false bug report in - as far as I’m concerned, this is a game bug. The AI on PS4 is brutal in delve - it’s all skull drop spam, mana starving, and setting off Morana 5 or 6 times in a row with no instant kill - it’s broken and while it behaves that way, using a pure faction team isn’t viable. You kept calling it an achievement @TimeKnight so does that mean you don’t play on PS4?

If I could see a way to get this trophy with hard work, then putting up with broken AI would be annoying but I’d do it. Three months is enough time to conclude that hard work won’t cut it. I’m not convinced maxing out the treasure hoard will either.

If the forum managers agree with you that this isn’t a bug, fine, I’ll remove it.


Morana has a 10% chance of an instant kill, and therefore by the law of odds you should expect 1 kill in an average of every 10 spell casts.

I feel your pain on this, I’m also trying the 4 x Morana route and hoping for a ridiculously lucky run. Best I have done so far is to make it to the boss room with only 1 Morana left in my team. It will however make it even more satisfying when (or if!!) I finally manage to do it.


Does the AI behave differently on PS4 than it does on Xbox?


Didn’t you see Throsh’s post above? He is on PS4, and he already beat Level 500 at Crypt Keepers with Faction team, so it’s possible. Maybe try consulting him?

I don’t think AI behavior is difference across each platform. What’s the point of designing AI to be harder for some groups of players?

Also, It’s actually just a few days more than 2 months. Version 4.0 is released on September 5th.


Thanks for your replies @shadyady360 - I don’t know if the AI behaves differently on xbox; I wonder though as people on PC and Xbox have done the pure faction max renown but no one on PS4 has. I know @throsh said they did it but they didn’t get the trophy, so …

I’ve gotten to the final battle with one Morana left as well, a few times. I know her base chance is 10% but it’s supposed to be boosted by purple gems on the board; I’ve looked each time and had 35-48% for each cast and still after 5-6 casts in a row, not gotten an instant kill - while this is possible statistically speaking, I would expect after repetitions of the same that I’d get a better run but I never have. Hence thinking there is something wrong with this. Perhaps the boost isn’t working right?


I didn’t suggest that the AI was deliberately designed to be different on PS4 - they are different consoles so presumably they can’t just put the game exactly as is from PC into the consoles. In the transfer it is possible for different performance or errors to be introduced.

Only 2 months huh? It seems longer … but then boring things you have to grind every day often do.

It’s great that you’re such a strong defender of the game; my post isn’t a criticism; it’s a request for this to be checked to ensure it is working as it should be. If the devs get back to me and say they’ve checked and it’s performing as it should then I’ll shut up and accept my 91% completion for Gems of War.


You’ll see on the GowDB leaderboards that I’m the only one to have done it on PoS4, but it was all a waste of time as the trophy didn’t unlock.


I hope this gets resolved for you. Such a difficult task to win with the faction team at that level. One would only do this for the sole purpose of the trophy as you can acquire the pet without using the faction team. Very frustrating.


Is there a 50 gem fee cost to unlock the achievement?


Just beat lvl500 with the faction team, and no trophy. So it’s really bugged, not just hard…


Thanks for posting the images @Throsh and great job beating that delve! I feel for you that you actually beat level 500 with a pure faction team and weren’t rewarded with the trophy. I really hope they fix it and you get the trophy without having to do this again.


Thanks for replying @sxesic - you’ve saved me wasting my delves trying to do this :slight_smile: Great effort to beat the level 500 delve; as with @throsh, I hope once the trophy is fixed you’ll get rewarded with it, without having to do the level 500 delve again.


Hi @Shavron7

I’m sorry the Exalted Trophy didn’t unlock for you :frowning:

This is now Fixed in update 4.2.

  • When update 4.2 releases, add a Treasure to Upgrade your Hoard or defeat a Delve (and the final boss room) in a Faction that has the highest maximum Renown. This will trigger the reward.

Follow this article to stay up to date on the issue.

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